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Puppy Love
Puppy Love

Puppy Love


I take my dog for a walk everyday. It's just my get away and a way to think clearly. One day I was walking my dog around nine at night so it was quite dark but my yellow lab was almost glow in the dark. But the pitbull on the other side of the road was almost invisible to my human eyes. I didn't see it until it ran infront of the headlights of a car. It ran straight for my dog. The pitbull attatched its jaw to my dogs nexk and wouldn't let go. Eventually the owner had got his dog off mine but my lab was already crying and bleeding. I ran home leaving my mom in the road.

======2 Months Later======

I was walking my dog past the public pool when I saw a guy who was attractive and looked around my age. So I dropped my dog off at home and threw on a swim suit and a t-shirt with my high school name on the front. When I walk in through the gate he looks at me. His eyes drop to where the name of my school is on it. Something crosses his face but leaves too soon for me to know what it was. I walk to a chair and put down my phone and key. I try to take off my shirt in a sexy way but it ends up getting stuck around my head. Figures.

I go to the steps of the pool and slowly sink down into the pool. I go to dive in but he talks to me.Too bad I already jumped in. I come back out of the water coughing and sputtering. I think he laughs but I can't tell because my eyes are burning from the chlorine in the pool.

"What?" I ask when I can finally breathe again.

"I asked how was school." He says

"Oh, um fine." Wow I have a way with words.

We talked for a while and somehow we end up talking about dogs.

"I have two dogs from the pound. Ones a pitbull-" Cory starts to say

"Did it recently attack a yellow lab?"


I gasp in horror. "You're evilllll"

"Your dog was just mean, okay!"

"Oh yes. MY dog was mean just sitting there minding his own business."

When I go to leave we exchange numbers and he texts me five minutes later.

"Hey Belle? Wanna go on a date with me?"

===Three years later====

We have been dating for almost three years and I couldn't be happier. He is amazing and so sweet. His dog loves me but I still glare at it all the time. I don't think I will ever like that evil pup. My senior of high school and I am so excited. Just one more month.

===One month later===

Cory is giving a speech at graduation. It sounds so powerful. His deep voice is booming through the feild. But when he ends the speech, he sounds scared almost.

"I feel in love this year. She made me try so much harder in life. And I want to marry her. I just don't know what she will say. So Belle? What do you say? Will you marry me?"

I nod my head yes and he walks off the stage. Everybody is screaming and looking back in their seats to look at me. When I walk to the stage the principal hands me my diploma and a small black box with the most beautiful diamond ring.

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28 Aug, 2017
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2 mins
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