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a pure heart

a pure heart

By sweetshenzy

It was late night, around 10pm. A young lady (Thea) was looking uneasy at the strain station. She was waiting for the last train to arrive, when she heard her phone rang. It was her brother. The line was suddenly cut off when she answered, and the phone did not ring again. The lady waited for a call back, but her phone did not ring. She sat on the bench, holding her phone. She was definitely uneasy and paranoid. She was looking around, looking for a phone loading station, but since was already late, the stalls were already closed. She had no choice but to wait till the train comes and wait till she gets home.

A young lady at her late 20's approached her. She was very sincere. She asked what was wrong. The lady looked at the stranger's eyes and said “nothing”. But the other lady was just so sincere and wanted to help.
She took out her cell phone from her shoulder bag and handed it to Thea. The helpful lady said, “ Here’s my phone, it has extra load, you can make a call.” “ is it ok?” said Thea. “ Yeah” she said, looking directly into her eyes. Then Thea, in a very shy manner, slowly dialed a number and talked w/ someone on the phone. A smile was on her face. “Thank you so much, you took my worries away.” “No worries girl, It was not me who took your worries away, it was HIM.”

The next Sunday, Thea went to church. Cried to God and thanked God for His faithfulness to her.

Christianity can be shared at any time at any place. Sharing God’s love and touching hearts are things that can fulfill us as sons and daughters of God.

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22 Feb, 2011
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