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Purple People
Purple People

Purple People

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

History hath that tendency

To weave this tragic tapestry --

Stained with pain,

Bane of reign,

Travesty and tyranny

Of devilish dynasty.

Beyond unwieldy doors

Of the olden palace

A bejeweled fool doth rule --

Loyal queen, royal flings,

Blinged rings, golden chalice.

Jesters and minstrels

They play and they sing.

Doth the royal robe

Cloak a set of wings?

From floor to fort

Courts may sport warts

And crowns can be found

Upon heads of clowns.

Blood on the ground,

Spectrum of sound,

From desperate scream

To greed of cha-ching --

Treasures and measures

To which the king clings.


All the jewels and gems

Ruled and had by him

Or found within the realm --

May abate the fate

That surely awaits

Or neutralize the sting

The Grim One brings?

What tower

Or power

May beat back

That dark hour?


The supernova

Who just exploded

Onto the scene,

Onto screens --

All that panache

And cache of cash,

Blind by the lines

Of fame and flash.

Household name

Corners the game --

All the fame

In our world,

Carpets of red


Sidewalks carved

With stars,

Lots of yachts,

Sets of jets,

Royalties and


Ev'ry last wish and whim --


Filled to the hilt and brim --


All this and all that,


Not worth a sole soul,


Ice is nice

For a price

But there abides

A side to Life

Beyond coin,

Pearl and price.


Movers and shakers

Losers and takers

The winners

And then there's

The sinners.

Hoboes and CEOs --

One begs for Joe

In the open cold,

The other goes for gold.

Never mind net worth --

One Life, One Earth

Temporary ev'ry birth,

Full circle unto dirt.

Stuff without Love --

Considering it's withering,

What purpose is served?

What's the actual worth?


Shadow elite,

Undisclosed street,

Secretly they meet.

The course of our planet --

For worse they do plan it?

Behind darkened windows,

Lines of agenda,

What plots they discuss --

Future fate of us?

Here's the deal --

There comes a day

(Not too far away)

What's made

In the shade


Be revealed

Into light of


In the end,

Where we've been,


After the wins,

Sins and friends,


One thing will matter

Upon Life's ladder --

Did we climb after

Our King, The Master?

© Matt Decker

Author Notes: "There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple..."
LUKE 16:19

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
2 Jul, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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