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By Dinetzle - 1 Review

You wake up, albeit you don't remeber falling asleep. You can't see. You can't move. You fall back asleep.

You wake up. You can see. You remember who you are. You are Dread Smith. You take in your sorroundings. By the looks of it, you are in a hospital. You look to your right and see two people. A male and a female. One is sitting down asleep, the other standing up. The one stand up is female. She is wearing mainly purple. The other is male and in all white. The purple one sees you are awake and is ecstatic. The white one awakes up. They see you are awake and smile softly. It...looks fake. Both start to talk to you. Once you get a chance to talk, you question both of them, asking who they are. Their smiles fade for a split second before coming back. It feels fake. The white one says he is Ethan. The purple one refuses to tell you her name, saying it's better if you find out on your own.

Everyday, someone comes to see you. You don't remember any of them. Well, excpect your family. Of course you remember them. Everytime someone comes to see you, they smile. It doesn't feel real. Everyday someone comes to see you they leave. Everyone, but Purple. She seems to be able to stay pass closing hours. You decied not to question it. She has been here ever since you woke up. Even though see is always here, she never makes physical contact. You wonder why but once again decied not to voice your thoughts.

You have a dream. The dream starts off white. All white. Nothing else. The white starts to get brighter. It hurts you. It hurts your eyes. Soon the white disappers, revaling a young man. He is in all white. He looks happy, then mad, then sad, and back agian. You start to hear voices, yours and his. The first, a happy talk, the second an argument, the last a life story. You start to remember. Ethan was your friend. A very close one at that. He was your family and you were his. You wake up in a cold sweat. You will tell Ethan that you remember.

Day by day you remember everyone thanks to your dreams. Stan, Ron, Pual, Ashley. Everyone. When you tell them they smile. It feels like they are hiding something. You remember everyone but Purple. She pouts and calls you mean for not remembering.

You have another dream. You are in a lab. The lab is in shambles as if it had exploaded. Everywhere you look, there's destruction. You close your eyes and breathe deep. You see snow. You follow it and it leads you to Ethan. Ethan joins you. You close your eyes. You see shadows. You follow it and it leads you to Stan. Stan joins you. You close your eyes. You see....purple. You follow it and it leads you to Purple. She is on the ground. Her legs look very hurt although not broken. She trys to get up. You look up and see something falling. It's going to fall on Purple. You yell her name and jump towards her. You wake up. You're cying. You look up and see Purple. You try to tell her you remember, but you can't. She smiles. It feels fake. She starts to cry, her tears rolling off her face and fall on your hand. You feel nothing. Her hugs you. You feel nothing. She whispers in your ear, "I'm glad you remember. Please, never forget me." she draws back and smiles once again tears still falling off her face. It feels fake. You reach out your hand trying to grab her, calling her name, begging her not to go. But it's too late. She is gone. You look at your left hand. You see a flower. It is a voilet. You clench your left hand into a fist, holding it close to your chest and crying. You repeat her name, beg her to come back, to not leave. But it's too late. She is gone.

You wake up, albeit you don't remember falling asleep. Your left hand has some restrain in it. You look down to see your hand in a fist. You open it up slowly and see a voilet in the palm of your hand.

It feels real.

Author Notes: Oh man, I suck at writing. This story is based off a comic I read although with slight changes like different people and a different ending, you know, small stuff. Anyway, if you wish to read the comic here it is.

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27 May, 2018
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