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Queen Of Folklore: Geneisis Ch2

Queen Of Folklore: Geneisis Ch2

By resie

A red haired women run through the forest with scratches and bruises on her body being shown through cracks and kinks in her armor. She has on a respirator mask that has some liquid in the face part helping her to breath. The liquid usually fulls her whole face part, but is down to just her lips. Her armor is has a shiny green color to it with hints of silver and black in it. And with eyes blues as the ocean floor and skin white as a cloud. Her armor has about ten different weapon sheathes on it from swords to guns to small knives. She unsheathes two handguns from her left and right leg. She stops, aims, and shoot one of tormentors with a single shot causing it to tumble forward tripping the second tormentor behind it. The second tormentor adjusts it's vision back on the red hair women to see her aiming her weapon at it next. It stands upward on both it's legs and hops into one of the trees in the forest to hinder the red hair women aim.

But that won't effect her vision either way, the women eyes are that of eagle with keen eye sight knowing exactly which tree the tormentor jump onto. She slowly walks through the forest, watching her footsteps, making sure not to make to much noise to give away her position to the tormentor. This was apart of her plan. To get the tormentor to jump into a tree to hide from her. The red hair women is known throughout the land for hunting all sorts of things. This was no different for her. Actually, it was the perfect scenario for her. The tormentor starts to make low growls as if it were taunting the red hair woman somehow.

She sheathes her two handguns and takes her sword out from her back sheathe. She take on the stance that of an samurai training to improve his swordsmanship. She creeps past the tree that tormentor jump onto. The tormentor watches as the red hair girl walks by the tree leaving her back open to attack. The tormentor creeps down the tree with its claws digging perfectly into the tree bark so it won't fall or make much noise. The red hair girl stop to scan the area in front of her. The tormentor saw its chance when she did stop and lunges at the red hair woman with its claws begging for the woman's life.

She dodges the tormentor attack. Before the tormentor has time to block or dodge it's already to late. The sword is already in its back and a handgun to the side of its skull. The blast from the handgun sent it flying into a tree with half of it's right face missing. She sheathes her sword and handgun and continue to her destination.

She arrives at small pond in the forest. She checks the area to make sure it's safe before attending her wounds and refilling her mask. She unhooks the cables from the side of her mask. Some of the liquid spills out through the cables as she hurries to put the cables into the pond. She takes the other end of it and suck the pond water through the cable. As the water spills into her mouth she reattach the end she was sucking on back into her mask and the face part begin to fill with the pond water. As the mask is being refill with water and she's attending her wounds, she hears branches cracking not to far from her position. She looks at her mask and it's still not refilled yet.

She has bout five minutes at the most plus two water capsules, maybe twenty five minutes tops. She unsheathes to small but very sharp blades from her hips. She uses the blades to climb onto the tree to hide. She gets to a comfortable spot in tree and grips the two blades she used to climb tree aiming downward ready to ambush whatever is creeping towards her position. But what she saw baffles her. It's a Make Believe in the forest. The forest is off limits to Make Believes since the tormentors took control of it and the Queens was fighting them to get it back. The Queens tried their best to enforce this rule but make believes had families and friends throughout the land so it was differcuilt telling them where they can and can't go. Some died awful deaths trying get to their families through the forest.The always tried their best to prevent this but it didn't always work. Some just were to naive. Or simply didn't know what death meant in there eyes. It was another path they could take but it was much longer then the forest path. While the red hair woman mask was off she couldn't talk to the make believe to tell him he needed to leave the forest at once.

"This got dam map Peter made. Can't even tell which is what way. And with all this fighting going on the forest is getting rearranged and paths are getting confusing.The make believe said to himself looking around the forest. What the?? He walks over to the pond and picks up the red hair woman mask. He examines it like a doctor examining its patient. What the hell is this? Ah!! He screams as he drops the mask to ground. Could be from one of those black creatures the townsfolk mentioned. Could be close by I need to get the fuc..."

Before he could finish the red hair woman drop down from the tree and startle the make believe man.

"What was that for you nearly....wait long red hair you're..what's that one Queen that got tortured by the myths?" The make believe man ask guessing.

The red hair woman pushes the man to the side to get to her mask. She picks up her mask. Reattaches the cables. And put it back on her face.

"'You broke my mask."

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Queen of Folklore will be discontinue. Sorry readers.

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12 Aug, 2015
Read Time
5 mins
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