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Queen of Folklore: Geneisis

Queen of Folklore: Geneisis

By resie

"Argh."  A struggling Queen say's as a tormentor attacks her with its claws with the intent to decapitate her.  

She blocks the tormentor attacks with her shield as it send swipes across her shield which is keeping her from healing herself.  She let's go her shield and grasps her claymore with both hands and swings it at the tormentor with such force that it leaves a hole in the ground the size of a small crater and knock trees that been up for centuries down like branches. The tormentor jumps back from the swing growling at the blonde hair woman with with eyes red as a rose and skin white as ivory. She has on armor that's silver all over with hints of purple splash on it. She has been fighting these things alone while the other Queens is assisting a village of make believes that was attack by other tormentors. 

The tormentors are beings standing at 6ft tall or some at 7 or more, long claws for feet and hands, thick skin that adapts to the Queens attacks with each swing of their blades, black fur like cloaks that cover their  whole body only exposing their sinister looking white eyes and teeth. The blonde hair woman holds her ground until she the tormentor lungs at her charmed shield. She rushes to her charmed shield but not before the tormentor grabs it and vaults onto a tree branch over top her head.

"Shit." She says as she grasp her claymore and swipes her claymore at bottom part of the tree.

The claymore slices through the tree like it's piece of string with one strike. The tormentor drops the charmed shield from it's grasp as it falls from the tree. The blonde hair woman decides not to go for her shield, but instead goes for the tormentor to end this battle quickly before it adapts to her attacks from earlier.  She flips onto  the falling tree and run up along side it. The tormentor growls at the blonde hair woman as it continues to fall. She jumps from the tree and aims her claymore at it's throat falling from a high distance from the tree. The tormentor put it's claws in front of it neck trying to defend itself from the woman's incoming attack.

"Too late!" The blonde hair woman yells as she closes her eyes in mid air and begin to fall faster.

The claymore enters through the tormentor throat and exits from the back of it's neck. It coughs black blood onto the woman's face as the claymore pierces through it throat and smashes it into the ground causing another small crater to appear from the impact. Dust and smoke clouds the area from the attack hinder the blonde woman view to see if she killed it or not. She jumps from out of the crater and waits to see if the tormentors lies dead in the hole which will be it's grave. She wipes the blood from her face that the tormentor cough in it. While the dust settles she goes back to her charmed shield to heal her wounds from a prolong battle this tormentor and many others gave her. She arrives at the spot where her shield fell but it isn't there. She searches the area to see if it fell somewhere else, probably under a fallen tree perhaps she thought. She slices her claymore through fallen trees checking for her charmed shield. She slices through a tree and see the top part of it under a tree. She see's her black dragon symbol on the front of it and smiles at the sight of it. She reaches for it but not before the tormentor from the crater creeps from under it and jams it's claws through the blonde woman chest. She drops her sword at the puncture through her mid chest. The tormentor stands upward as it raises the blond hair woman off her feet while its arm is still inside of her chest. She looks into the tormentors stalking white eyes. 

"How?" She struggle to say. The tormentor replies with a growls as it rips her left arm off. "Ahhh!!" She screams in agonizing pain from her left arm being detach from her body. She uses what strength she has left and grabs the tormentor by it neck with her right arm. The tormentor tries to growl but nothing comes from its mouth except for a squeal. The woman eyes become dilated but still remain red. Horns grow from out through her blonde hair and peels downwards sticking out through her blonde hair. She yells and black flames comes from her mouth sticking to the tormentor's face. The tormentor screams as the black flames eats away its face and works it way around it body before it falls to its death. The woman lays on the ground as she reaches for her charmed shield with her right arm to heal herself. Her finger tips touches the dragon symbol on front of it before her eyes begin to slowly shut and she falls asleep scumming to her wounds.

"Aurora!! A incoming Queen yells several minutes later. She rushes over to her body and embraces her in her chest. No, not like this. You can't go to sleep like this. Not yet. You said you a never sleep again until everyone heard you sing. Come on." The Queen says as lift Aurora up and put her arm around her neck. 

She scans the area to see what happen with Aurora and the tormentors. She notices the charred tormentor body still cooking from the black flames. A round like silver disc saucer fly through the wooded forest to there position. The Queen positions Aurora body on it securing her and then she herself gets on it. She gets back off the silver disc like shape saucer and scans the area again. She walks over to a tree and see's Aurora shield. She grabs her shield and get backs on the disc. She flys upward in the sky and takes off forward at lighting speed going back to the village where the other Queens waits for there arrival.

"Where is she? I bet she flew past them like she always does." You should had left me there with them tormentors instead telling me to come here. It was only a little bit here either way." A Queen says looking through the sky for something.  "You're not fast enough Tink." Anther Queen replies. Only reason Cindy is fast enough is cause of that disc on wheels. What is that thing she be flying on anyway?" Tink ask curiously to the other Queen.  Cindy stop over the Queens and slowly lower herself down to them. The Queens conversion stop as they seen Aurora body on disc not moving. Cindy lifts Aurora up and put's her body on her back and walks towards the other Queens. She carefully lies Aurora body down in front of them. 

"You wasn't suppose to sleep yet Aurora." Tink says sadly. 

"What of Ariela?" The other Queen ask.

"She wasn't in the area when I got there." Cindy replies

"Only reason I found Aurora is because of the craters and the burning tormentor flesh smelling in the sky." 

"So, she use her last option to defeat that tormentor huh."  The other Queen says.

"Last option?" Tink asks.

"When the tormentors started invading our world Maleficent and Aurora became one. The talking Queen kneels down and slides some of Aurora hair to the side to expose her horns. When she's using the power Maleficent gave to her these horns appear from her head. But? She says as she leans Aurora over a little bit showing her back. My guess she is didn't use her full power in doing so. Or else she would have wings like a dragon sticking out of her or some type indications of them on her armor. She probably wasn't able to heal herself in time and use what little power she had left to kill that tormentor she was fighting." The Queen explains to Tink.

"How do you know all of this Alise? Cindy asks. 

"That doesn't matter. We have to find out what happen with Ariela? There was no sign of her none whatsoever Cindy? Cindy shakes her head at the question. "Shit, I hope they didn't get her too. That's our only communication to earth." A confused Alise wonder bout Ariela whereabouts.  

"Well, at least we made sure all the villagers here were safe. These fucking things. Tink says as she blasts a dead tormentor with her wand. Yea, that make them leave Tink." A joking Cindy said.

"This is no time for games fellow Queens."  A Queen who appear out no where said to the other Queens. "Agita?" A surprise Tink turns around to say. I didn't feel your story in the distance." How di" Aurora is dead. That means you'll have to become stronger Tink. Cindy lock eyes with Agita as she speak fearful bout Aurora. Or else these tormentors will adapt to you and kill your story page by page." Agita speaks boldly to Tink. Tink grinds her teeth at Agita without showing her them. "I'll go find Ariela." Agita said to the other Queens. 

"Right, let us know if you find her. Cindy search the area with the smoke you see in the distance behind you. Chances are she went ahead of Aurora while she held the tormentors off. Alise said letting Agita know bout the situation. But? Alise pauses. "Where were you at this whole time Agita? We could had use your help here...or even Aurora could had used it at the forest and maybe she wouldnt had died. Alise ask their leader without hesitation. Agita looks at Alise with eyes full of mystery when ask the question. "I'll bring Ariela to the kingdom if I find her." Agita said"Same here."Alise replied. 

Agita spirals into space and time as the last thing ladies see is her shoulder length black hair being suck in with her.  "Woah." A surprise Tink says. "Let move out ladies." The second in command Cindy said.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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6 Jan, 2015
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