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A Question to Be Answered

A Question to Be Answered

By clarita_berchan

I lived for about 16 years and I’m still waiting for that guy that will look into my eyes and see how broken I am. I don’t know if I need someone or I can live alone. Sometimes I do believe that as humans we can’t deal with emptiness. But there is time where I just feel that I need to be free. Now, right now, I just feel complicated. I don’t know if I’m writing correctly or even I’m not bothering myself checking grammar mistakes. I’m just spreading some complicated feelings all over a blank page.

I know a woman who once said that true love isn’t available in this weird world. She said that there is no a romeo for a julliet. Maybe I’m still young to understand her sayings but in my point of view and for now I think she’s on the wrong track. I think she chose the wrong guy; the guy that wasn’t meant for her. I think she couldn’t find her true love so she inspired and motivated herself by considering that true love has vanished. I have been talking like for a minute and a half and I still didn’t answer the question correctly. I need you guys to answer me; DOES TRUE LOVE REALLY EXIST??

Author Notes: I need you guys for inspiration

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24 Aug, 2018
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