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A Question to My Conscience
A Question to My Conscience

A Question to My Conscience


Social media is spreading awareness and passing the torch to every single user, especially in india. The digital literacy rate has increased. People are aware of events occuring all around the world. One of the most vibrant issue of discussion is RAPE.

Everyone is talking about precautions to be taken or learned. Prevention does not have a room in this society. There is no verdict/cure for them who have already suffered. This topic is no more a serious problem because there is no end result. It's like a food hierarchy between prey, predator and media. Rape is being commercialized for profit.

Social service agencies and educated people are spreading awareness. Girls are being asked to learn self-defense technique, wear proper clothes, a curfew time is being maintained. Cause at the end of the day , females are at loss not the society.

While the world is busy with the dos and don'ts. I was rushed by a feeling. A question that I kept asking myself.

What if I was the victim? Will all my senses be in place? Will I be able to help others in such situations? Will anyone help me if they find me in one?

The thought that scared me the most was the feeling of not helping the one who would try to help me.

Life can be unfortunate. The thought that keeps crossing my mind, Everytime I see an article on rape. What if I am being raped? Helpless and screaming for help. Fighting for myself. Amidst of all the pain and efforts I see a girl running toward me. She is there to help. She has the courage to fight the predator, to stand for me whom she barely knows. She was able to help. She drove the predator away.


​​​​​​What if she is the new prey to the predator? Will I be able to show the same courage? Will I fight for her the same way she did? What would I do? Save my own life and run away or help her? Will I leave her in her misery? Will I act selfless? Will my moral alow me to think bout her before my own safety?

​​​​​​This is what my conscience asks me, Everytime a girl is raped.

​​​​​Are you listening? What would you do?

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11 Mar, 2020
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1 min
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