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Questioning Yourself

Questioning Yourself

By LoveHurts22

Have you ever woken up one day and wondered what it would be like to be a different person? Have you ever thought that maybe your life would be better if you were different ? These are bother great questions but the most important one is why aren't you happy being yourself? I know from experience what it feels like to want to be different because people judge you for who you are. As I see it those people who do mean things and try to run you over with words have probably the same exact problems as you do. People use hurting others to make themselves feel better. They don't care if it hurts you cause they think it's ok to push other people down if it makes them look all mighty and amazing out front of other people. You should be proud of who you are no matter what other people say. I know that bullying sucks and that words hurt so much but don't give into the pain. Show the people who want to hurt you that what they say doesn't faze you one bit. Stand up for yourself and be proud of who you are. My favorite quote is " In a world where you can be anything , be yourself". Don't let other people push you around cause I can guarantee that their saying things to you just to make themselves feel better. Be the bigger person and don't encourage them by showing your pain. Ignore the things people say and be proud of who you are because everybody is different. Nobody is perfect and we all deserve a chance to live a good life. Don't doubt yourself, be a strong person for the people around you who might have the same problems ,but can't build up enough courage to do anything about it. If you see someone getting picked on or pushed around stand up for the person. Don't let anybody be treated bad , we all deserve to live in peace without people judging us for everything we do. If you want someone to stand up for you and help you through hard times, then do the same thing for another person who is having a hard time. Be friends with the people just like you and I can tell you that the friendship you just made will help you to become a stronger person.  Be proud of who you are and never forget that you are an amazing person inside and out.       
                                                                                                                                 - LOVE HURTS 22  

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10 Jul, 2014
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2 mins
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