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As Quiet as Night
As Quiet as Night

As Quiet as Night

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Clarisa carried her young trembling sister while she proceeded to follow her mother through the dark woods. All around her she could see the trees casting shadows on the moist saturated ground. The thought of being spotted by her white master scared her. She never wanted to go back to that awful place and pick cotton for the rest of her life. Every day she always dreamed of a better life and a better future for her. She wanted to be something more but deep down she knew her dreams would only remain lost memories.

While she continued to follow her mother through what she called the underground railroad she could hear the sounds of wild creatures prowling just waiting for their opportunity to strike her. She could hear the howling wind begin to grow hefty as if warning her and telling her to run faster. She knew that this was only the beginning of her dangerous adventure seeing as how they were supposed to meet a woman named Mrs. Potter who would hide and protect them for the day. Her heart began to pound faster when she heard footsteps behind her that were not her own. Quickening her pace she attempted to run faster through the dark night knowing that most likely with her luck, she would trip and fall and put both her sister's life and hers in grave danger. Knowing it was her only hope she took the risk for she could hear the footsteps moving quicker and quicker.

Running lightly on the crumbling leaves she saw a shadow dart right under her legs and with that, she stumbled and fell to the ground fearing the worst she quickly stood back up gathering her now bawling sister and continued to fight harder. Suddenly like a surprise birthday present strong arms wrapped around her while a big hand covered her mouth making it more and more difficult to hold her sister. Giving in she dropped her sister to the ground which allowed her to bite and kick the unknown man. But the man just continued to cover my mouth and stood there saying nothing and doing nothing. As she continued to fight the man he did not budge at all and finally giving in she lay panting and tired in the man's arms.

Cautiously and quietly a familiar muffled voice whisper into the silent night "Now don't scream we can't afford to be caught".

Curious she turned around to find her Papa and her brother right behind her and her Momma in front of her holding her sister. Feeling foolish she whispered bashfully "Sorry Pa, I just thought that you were that awful bad man and didn't bother to pay attention to Mamma right in front of me." Letting her drop to the ground her father motioned to her to get up and keep going. They still had at least one more hour of running to do. Then with that, we continued to run through the ferocious black night.

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10 Apr, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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