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A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place


When you see people masked, what do you do?

For one you cannot let them to sink in the blue?

When you see the mask do you try to peel it all free?

Well, they’ll either open up to you or deeper down they'll flee.

You never know what the masked will do,

But just getting to know them, willl help pull them through.

They just need to know they are definety safe

And they have time to grow in their new-found space.

When you only appreciate the skin I live in and not the person inside.

It's then I don’t know what face to show, that’s when I retreat and hide.

I sink down deep and hold my breath, waiting for someone to see.

Seconds, minutes, hours more, in forever I'll probably leave.

I sink down deeper and deeper still unable to reach to bottom.

I guess through all of my effortless fails, to others I'd seem quiet solemn.

I cage the fear, the anger and doubt, even then I want to shout.

The people around you, the crashes the noise.

I can't stand the feeling of being torn like a toy.

I sit in the corner isolated from the rest, I just want to sink, I just want to rest.

But when the noises bother you from the joy of sleep,

Oh to be away from the world, away from the creeps.

I sit alone as my head falls in, now so silent you could hear the wind.

And as I fall to the ground, the colours bleeding thin

I realised now I've broken from my sin.

I fly through the darkness and I don’t feel a thing, I am no longer a puppet, nor controlled by strings.

I wish I could live here where I can be myself.

Where I'm not used, polished, displayed on a shelf.

I wish I could stay here, to live forever, but It's only temporary, will I be free? Never.

I can touch the stars and breath in clear water.

A place where there is nothing like slaughter.

I fly on fine wings and saw through the sun. I could do this forever, that could seem quite fun.

As the clouds thin around me I know I'm awake, and now I must leave my quiet place.

Author Notes: Any sort of comment is welcome. Thankyou for reading.

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About This Story
19 Aug, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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