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"Belkin's Ville" Revenge of "Karla"

"Belkin's Ville" Revenge of "Karla"

By futurerAuthor101

Kyle Simone is new to "Howard .W high school" she hadn't even been familiar with the neighborhood, she an her family had just moved to "Belkin's Ville" to get a fresh new start an be able to be comfortable an forget about their mothers death that occurred three years ago. Kyle has four siblings her younger brother "Justin" who is 10 , "Corey" who is 9, "Troy" who is 17 , an "Kevin" who is 19, sadly Kyle is the only girl an the 3rd youngest , she's fourteen years old (in a half), her birthday is in a few weeks, but she starts school tomorrow. Dad was working late, so it was my job to make sure everyone was settled, dad gave me money to order pizza, an while I was waiting for the pizza to be delivered , I ran Corey an Justin bathwater ,an started getting them ready for bed after they had eaten an everything.
As soon as the boys got out of the tub, the pizza man came...We all had eaten an it was time for bed. I tucked Justin an Corey in an said their prayers to them. I put on my pajamas an failed to sleep reading a book.

When I had gotten up , I noticed that dad was leaving out the house an it was time for me to wake up the boys.. I peeked over the hedge of the stairs because , I was hearing voices coming from down stairs, it sounded like Justin an Corey arguing over who turn it is to iron, they always argued over doing chores Corey was more like the one who was so forgiving an who did all the chores , an Justin well, that's Justin. I went downstairs to the laundry room to get our clothes from out of the dryer. My style was kind of rock-star like, it was always ripped jean, jean jacket, an my combat boots ,but today I had to change it up. I put on my ripped leggings, a shirt that had my favorite band titled on it (beetles), an my old rusty combat boots. My ride to school was my motorcycle it was red an black with flames of fire on it, it was a old gift my grandpa gave me when he was living in New York.
I grabbed a apple from the fruit bowl an headed it to school, Troy an Kevin was in charge of taking Justin an Corey to school ,an since Troy only worked in the afternoon ,he'd be able to pick them up from the afterschool program

Author Notes: Please beware folks \...this will get you uptight

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30 Jun, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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