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My tired eyes long for the gleaming brightness of the future planned for me.

My widowed mind yearns for peace.

My body deems exhaustion, slowing down after every restless night.

New wounds from self-inflicted punishment heal over slowly.

Old scars surely fade with every new day endured.

My young heart seeks any affection given for free.

My scared soul never seems to cease.

Memories that replay begin to reach a new height,

Old voices from a past forgotten I remember wholly.

My body and mind as a whole, injured.

When the day comes to a slow end,

My mind starts to scream.

My eyes remain open.

My heart beats faster,

The scarring words that bring harm were left spoken.

Loneliness is a thing I have made a friend.

My tears accompany me as they stream.

My mind is left hopin’,

The perfect life I’ve stopped chasing after

Made me realize how much of me is broken.

Author Notes: Based on a true person, a true story. Tell me what you think.

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15 Dec, 2017
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