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"For Olivia" : Chapter 2
"For Olivia" : Chapter 2

"For Olivia" : Chapter 2


Notes :
I was informed that the creepy guy was called Zen Scar, he was going to assist me in the case as headboy of investigation club. I also got to know that the principal , Dr. Peter Longram, was quite amazing in mechanics and had made many successful inventions. He was also known for great wisdom in human anatomy. But greatest clue were James' specks which either the police didn't find or had no interest in those bit broken, ordinary looking specs. I was told that James was a techno path so none of his belongings were useless. Moreover, his rich family won't mind if I took the pair of inauspicious specs which their beloved James had bought on the same miserable day.
Chapter 2: Starting over the case
I could hear someone knocking at the door. I opened the door to see Zen, neatly dressed in blue denims and a white T shirt over which he wore a formal yet stylish black shrugs. He had something in a small bag and seemed to be surprised as I opened the door. He then smiled boldly as he said, " Have I come too early? "
"Obviously. What do you think the time is right now?", I showed my anger.
" Ten a.m.. ", he said in a calm tone, fading his wierd smile and replacing it with a laugh. I had just recovered from hypersomnia and was new to North, so maybe something(timing) slipped out of my mind. This was wierd. He could see the seriousness on my face as I wasn't able to make out why I was behaving like that, so to ease me he said," You're from South, nay? I think the sun has tricked you. Don't believe that lier."
First of all , we went to the hospital where the dead bodies were being examined. As Olivia's mother also worked there, I personally asked her to examine something secretly. Then we went through the report which simply indicated death due to suffocation which was because of the wound through trachea. All the reports were signed by the same doctor. He was some Mr. Townhatter.
In my room , we discussed over all the info. we had gathered that day.
I started," Olivia was simply killed. She was practicing hard for the "National Sports Meet" and her Basket Ball team was going to represent the state. How is it possible that she goes to sports cabin to get another ball and there she realizes she had to commit suicide? Non sense, there is something else which is being hidden"
" Her team mates said that her team won all the practice matches against seniors on that day ", Zen continued," she always wanted to win against them so her psychological state was not one in which she would commit suicide. However the sports cabin is one of the inventions of principal sir so not everyone is allowed to touch it, most of people don't even know its location."
" Take me to the cabin later . There can be two situations, either all the murders are from same person or they are from separate killers with personal grudge and they use the ghost theory to distract.", I said.
Zen replied," But most probably, its the first situation as no one was allowed to have a sight of Olivia's dead body except some reputed school staff including me and the bodies were all placed in the exact same position as Olivia's body. So someone among school's staff has done this. The body was actually found by one lady staff." He turned towards the the window and calmness on his face transformed into horror. I looked out and saw the bright yellow and red flames. They extended to a height of about 8 to 9 meters and looked horrible. " Its the cowshed. " ,said he bringing back the calmness to his face. Then on the flames appeared a masked figure. At 5 in evening, it was the brightest and most eye-catching thing. A sound echoes along with movement of the figure - I am Olivia, you can't take away my right and position from me. In a month, be ready for funeral of rest all. And whoever tries to protect them will encounter the same fate.
The figure then disappears. I said to Zen," Put on your jacket, we're going to interrogate James' and Olivia's family."

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28 Mar, 2019
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3 mins
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