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"For Olivia" : Introduction and Chapter 1
"For Olivia" : Introduction and Chapter 1

"For Olivia" : Introduction and Chapter 1

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It all started with suicide of Olivia Labdour, most reputed,studious and artistic high school student of high school called Light Battle.Her body was found in school's sports cabin with a dagger pierced into her windpipe along with a suicide note.The note stated that she would get back her position by getting back the souls of toppers.And then started a series of murders of toppers of the 7 subclasses.Everytime the body was found in seclusion with dagger pierced in windpipe ,same way as Olivia, with number of nails hammered on body which increased with every murder.Even the people were killed randomly, even when their rich family inherited them with highest levels of security. It was pretty difficult to find out mobs in that fully civilised region.
The school was of rich, who could not rest themselves out of luxuries.It had quite good deal of wealth to hire the best detective of whole of Alborn,a mega city. The tale is of mid 20th century.The detective was Zylor O. Roeyal,who was meanwhile busy with some royal case in Britain.His younger sister,I,was now assigned job of investigation.My name is Charolet Roeyal and I am the narrator of this story.
About me:
This was my first case for which I was officially paid; it named me detective of Alborn. I was already involved in solving cases by the fact that my great grand father was greatest detective of his time, so is my bro now (mid 20s). My mother died at time of my birth. Grandpa used to give vivid description of his cases in his diary to which I had an access since I was 6. My father himself is a pollice officer whom I try to advice on basis of what I learnt for my relatives.
About Olivia:
She was a very intelligent, optimistic and bright student. She was medium heighted flawless girl with medium long autumn red hair with light curls at the tips. She never had an ego on her curved, small and elegant nose but had a round face which was always pink with her heart melting 24*7 smile on her perfectly shaped lips. The worst coincidence is that she was one of my closest friends.
She belonged to a middle class family with a doctor mother an elder brother and a younger sister. She studied in Light Battle on merit and topped in her class each year. This year, she bore away with second position.
Chapter 1: Getting Assistance
I was taken to murder spot right after I arrived in Alborn. It was third murder; of topper of class 10 sub class G. His name was James. People found his body in the corner of a tumbled down cowshed which was now abandoned. Unlike in earlier crime scenes, which were bank of an isolated river and on the branch of an isolated tree in a forest, this time body was found in a not-so-isolated place. Sign's of struggle were pretty visible but not as eye catching as the thin, wooden, brownish unevenly darkened paper that was some what clumsily kept which we know from its torn edges. It said,"For Olivia" in red color deepened by its absorption but still with enough aroma to prove it blood.
I saw his body in the dark corner; his watch, phone and all electronic stuff was either broken or missing. His specks were hardly a meter from his body which, certainly, he had not thrown. All expensive stuffs were in their place so it wasn't for money, moreover, James belonged to richest family in city so it would've been a kidnapping. The dagger first damaged his both arms then pierced through his windpipe. Three broad pins right through his neck was nailed. The sight was horrible which would cause any girl to burst into tears but I had no one to hold me so I kept those innocent tears vessel ed in me.
Suddenly an unfamiliar voice whispered in my ears,"It's similar to Olivia's murder scene. Isn't it?". I immediately turned towards the source of voice. It was a tall, slender, dark blue haired boy with red eyes. His hair was actually so deep that it could be wronged as black on the dark cloudy day.
"What do you mean by murder? Do you know Olivia? How are you related to her? Could you...", I was unable to complete my sentence as his smooth masculine voice overlapped the shrillness of mine. "Halt miss detective.", he said and continued, "I'm Zen Scar, a student of 11th C in Light Battle school and was a classmate of Olivia. And you, if I'm not mistaken, are younger sister of detective Zylor O. Roeyal , hired by our principal as detective." I usually get agitated around boys so I said,"You didn't answer my question mister. Why do you think Olivia was murdered?"
"If you knew that girl as deeply as I know then you would've believed it.", saying this he looked towards the cloudy grey sky with a blank and somewhat sad face. The police had already taken the body and all other things which they considered important. But he wasn't bothered as if something much deep just covered his inner eye trying to recall the images of past.
"She was very positive and rational", he said as he continued to look into the endless sky which was about to burst into tears of his sorrow.
Suddenly, rain drops started falling from those clouds. We found shade under a near by tree. At that time only we were there at that place. "Why are you telling me all this?", I asked interrupting in soothing harmony of raindrops. He laughed and said," You're too strict miss. We can talk at my principle's office in my school, if your curiosity can bear a break." And I had to wait there with some jerk, who just looked cool and had a lot of information which I needed, till the rain stopped her beautiful chorus.

Author Notes: its a story in series rest can be read in other part

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5 Mar, 2019
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