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"Normal" Days 2

"Normal" Days 2

By Optimism101 - 1 Review


Okay, where was I?

Oh right, after the pink lady.

So, I was walking home after a nice day at school. This was the nice respected school day from before.

Of course the pink lady just wouldn’t be gone.

“You thought some public stunt would scare me?”

The pink lady stood behind me. It was a nice day, a little wind.



That was the scythe

I duck just in time to see it fly over my head.

“Lady, chill! Don’t want to hurt you.” I turn towards her and start to back away. She does some more smiling.

God that’s creepy.

“You don’t get a choice.” She does some more slashing at me with the scythe. The bubble and heart come out again.

“In this world, it’s kill or be killed.” Somehow her crooked grin gets even more terrifying, and her scythe turns into a large pink blob. The blob then decides to absorb me my bubble.

Oh boy

The inside of the blob was a creepy shade of pink. But that wasn’t the weirdest part.

There were a bunch of other hearts in it. They were all divided into 6 colors. Green, yellow, orange, purple, light blue and blue. Some had black on them.

The blob started to close in on my bubble, putting insane pressure on it. I don’t know how much it could stand.

The blob stopped.

I waited, but still nothing.

I heard some explosions on the outside of the bubble, and the blob relented, and stopped squeezing my bubble.

Outside of the bubble, I saw someone else besides the pink lady.

She was tall-ish, with a fierce look about her. Her clothes were all yellow, with a yellow tint in the tips of her hair. She also had a heart. It was yellow.

Heh, yellow. Anyways

She waved her hand, and a bunch of white dots appeared. They turned yellow, and exploded.

My bubble was thrown back into someone’s house, but oh no, the bubble wouldn’t stop. The bubble crashed through the wall, hit someone’s TV and stuck to the wall. I looked in the house. Nice setting.

There were two other people watching what used to be the TV. A daughter and her mother. They stared at me with wide eyes.

The bubble poofed.

“Sorry!” I said as I dashed out. Whops.

The pink and yellow lady were still there, battling it out.

To be honest, it was pretty epic.

“STOP!” I yelled at both of them.

Surprisingly, they stopped.

“Yall’s don’t have to fight. There’s gotta be another way.” I calmly stated.

They looked at me.

They looked at each other.

The pink lady looked at her scythe, and the yellow lady looked at her hands.

They then resumed fighting.

I, not being the one to enjoy a fight, was able to slip away from the chaotic fight. Glad to get away too, I heard police sirens rushing towards where they were.

Phew, glad I got away from them.



I turn around. And right there was the yellow girl.

“What do you need?” I turn to ask and


Lost track of time.

I’ll be back!


Author Notes: Part two! Woo Woo! Tell me what you think!

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About This Story
29 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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