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Over You
Over You
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Over You


Looking back I can’t believe that you would help me up just to knock me down again. I was trapped in a dark well where you left me to drown in my thoughts. Next thing I knew I was stuck unable to get out and when I called for your help, you never came. I filled my mind with lies that trapped me here. Now that I look back upon it I realize everything I felt wasn’t real. Reality ripped through my heart like a knife and you let me bleed out. I thought I would never get myself through this madness and that I would slip every time I tried to get a good grip on the walls in the well of my thoughts. The day I was hurt the most I had the strength to climb out and view the beauty of reality all around me. I was able to break free from the lies, from your fake love, and realize that I am better off without you. I am picking up the broken bits and pieces and building them up to bring back the beauty that was destroyed when you came around. Although it wasn't good enough for you to just leave me. You decided to come rolling back in and see how miserable I was. However, the well you once had me trapped in is now a place of beauty, a place of stability, a place to fill me up and make me feel special again. You realize you have lost and that I could be so much better off without you.


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2 Apr, 2017
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