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"Silent Screams"
"Silent Screams"

"Silent Screams"

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“When there is no room left in hell the dead will walk the earth” …the last lines ringing in my ears before darkness took over.

In a faint memory, dim lights flashed in my eyes as I assumed it’s what bought me back to my senses. The emptiness in my chest felt heavy. And when the pain was at its worst, I tried to sit up and quickly regretted it as a throbbing pain shot up my spine. A feeling of being inserted in electrifying ice flared through me. A strange nauseating feeling washed over me as my numb body tried to recollect what brought me here. The deep trails of thoughts ended as a needle pierced into me realized that my life revolves around this moment and in a few sweeps around the clock this pain will end forever …along with me. The clock stared back showing 2:07 before I closed my eyes thinking it was all over. Little did I realize I wasn’t supposed to die…the night had just begun and so did my nightmare.

The effect of the lidocaine drug was short-lasting as I opened my eyes to see the hour hand at 3. The anesthesia, however, lessened the pain. With strenuous efforts, I sat up on what seemed like a white bed now red which I was responsible for. My blood streaming body explained precisely why I had felt so weak. Sat up on the bed for what felt like forever and slowly opened my eyes for my awareness of where I was. My pupils dilated as I saw sleeping patients, needles wheelchairs and healthcare posters. I’m in a hospital I said aloud.I dint recognize the voice, it was as though someone was speaking within me. “Am I safe here” I wondered. Tonight was way too important for the cost of my life.

I rang an alarm beside my bed and in about 30 seconds a limping nurse rushed to me with eyes half-closed probably because of the midnight shift.” Who brought me here?” I asked with bloodshot eyes.

“Sir’’ she replied,” he said he was an immediate family member. I immediately recognized the lie as I had lost my parents as an only child at the age of 13 and their death till today seemed more of a forced suicide than a self-planned one. The case was closed as a pure intentional suicide but the mystery still steals my sleep. A happy family who was expecting a new member in a few months soon took a turn that night of June when I entered my parent's room for a good morning kiss and faced the biggest horror of my life as my parents hung from the ceiling. It wasn’t a murder of two but rather a trimurder of the unborn child too. I was screaming as my parent's lifeless eyes still felt alive full of love and happiness. As a young teenager, this was beyond what I could take and ran out of that house and that race hasn’t got over yet. I’ve been running for the past 24 years and never have I turned back for a halt.

Came back to my senses as the nurse called out my name. ‘’What did the man who brought me here tell you?’’ I asked. “He said he was an immediate family member and that you are schizophrenic and had an accident a few hours ago”. “HE’S LYING” I screamt. HE’S THE REASON IM HERE IN A HOSPITAL BLEEDING TO THE BRINK OF DEATH!!!” IM AN ORPHAN AND HAVE NO IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER “I yelled with harshness in my tone.

The nurse stepped back at my sudden explosive reaction. ”Sir, you are on anesthetic drugs that temporarily disrupt your nervous system’s ability of memory. I was also informed that you are a patient of schizophrenia and so your side personality is probably not aware of the one who brought you here. Please calm down this is a hospital and do not wakeup other patients at this odd hour. And I think you must rest for a while before you are completely aware of your surroundings”

I was shook. I might be on sedation but I certainly am aware that I’ve got no history of any medical illness such as schizophrenia. I asked the nurse if the man had given any other information to which she replied saying “He said he will be back in a few hours to check up on you” saying this the nurse bid a good night’s sleep and limped away slowly disappearing.

He will be back in a few hours. He wants me alive to kill me with his own hands. Time is less. I need to get out from here. NOW!!!! In an instant, I was speeding down the streets moaning from pain every now and then as I struggled to walk. Stared down at my watch only to see smashed glass. The effect of the drug made my eyesight weak enough not to see through the broken watch’s glass for the time. Assuming the time to be past 4 I watched the empty street lying before me. The deafening silence …what a bliss. The race still hasn’t got over and I’m oblivious of my destination. How long have I ran, where have I reached and whose waiting at the other end for my finish?

Walked for some time when a child’s giggle made me pause. It echoed through the streets. For a while, I heard nothing and continued walking when again a child giggled and said “peee-eeka booo-ooo I see-ee youu-uu….followed by a couple of giggles again. Horror crept up my throat and I turned back but saw nothing but an empty street. I ran my eyes through all the corners of the streets. Nothing. No one.

Why would a child be at the streets at 4 in the morning I wondered with fear. To take a break I sat on a nearby stone to catch breath. As my hands brushed over the stone I could feel there was something engraved on it. Straining my eyes further with fear in my eyes I read “In memory of Mr Edmond Oliver and Mrs Agatha Oliver. Tears rolled down my cheeks as my fingers ran over the R.I.P engraved below my parents’ names. In an instant it struck me…I WAS IN A GRAVEYARD AND THERES A CHILD IN HERE GIGGLING. Holding my neck I tried to scream but nothing came out. I started running again this time no intentions of turning back when suddenly the streets dimmed. In a distance, I saw a street light go off and with each passing moment, the street lights switched off on their own like a wave one after another. The only light left on that cold night was the streetlight above my head …and in an instant…it was gone.

Once again, it was dark, lonely, cold and I smelt horror. When the whole street lay empty, in a distance I saw a flickering light from a vehicle. Moved a bit closer to see a van with its backlights on. A ray of hope instilled within me as I limped closer to the van for help. There was a woman who I faintly recognized. She had a puppy in hand and seemed to drop there in the middle of the night to give the puppy a walk. But before I could ask for help she lowered her eyebrows and in a cold voice asked me “I told you to take rest..didn’t I?” This night couldn’t get crazier I realized as I stood face to face with the nurse who I spoke to just an hour ago. She smiled at me in the most insane way I could ever think and then picked up her phone and made a call. “Yes, he’s alive,” she said. Without a second thought, I was running away from her as fast as I could. I had a strange feeling though why she wasn’t running behind me.” Maybe the limp in her leg can’t make her run behind me” I thought but I dared not turn back. “When will this night end“ I repeatedly kept asking myself. Kept walking and a street mirror caught my eye. The mirror was just like my watch, shattered beyond recognition. As my eyes adjusted with the darkness, I noticed bloodstains on the mirror. The blood wasn’t dried. “Fresh blood ?” .I watched as a long streak of thick red liquid streamed down the mirror and fell on something. As I lowered my gaze a shiver ran through me as I saw a beheaded puppy and its blood scattered all over. I took a step back and closed my eyes and recollected the innocent happy noises of the same creature minutes ago that is now lying dead before me. A note lay beside it written in the same blood. “I saw this coming, follow your pain and you will find me”. “He knew I would escape the hospital…he is with me here . He sees me but I don’t. Running won’t help, death was certain,” I thought.

Time was less, death was close and I don’t know where to turn. It was then that the same piercing pain of a needle aroused from the back of my neck. “I’m being sedated again,” I thought. My head went back and in minutes I lost consciousness. A feeling that I’m alive during a sleep. I was fully aware. A feeling of being immortal and knowing your surroundings. Felt myself being dragged and the rough concrete nearly skinned my back. Pain was the only sign that I was still alive. ”I’m not dead yet” I reassured.

Waking up again made me lose the measure of time. The place seemed like the warehouse of some cult group. Hanging skeletons with red wine flowing through the skulls, fingers pickled and preserved in weak solutions, rusty old smashed photo frames, mirrors with bloodstains and strange symbols drawn over walls. Looked down on myself and saw my hands and legs tied. I giggled and thought, “I’ve nowhere to run to, I’m helpless either way”.Suddenly the room went dark and I stared into the seemingly infinite chasm of darkness. There was a flicking sound.LAUGHS.In an instant, the room was filled with psychopathic laughter from all corners. In another flick, the laughs ceased and I realized someone is playing these tracks. Realizing the presence of another man in the room I screamt “WHO ARE YOU AND WHY DO YOU WANT ME DEAD ?’’

I sensed a heavy breath on my neck followed by a voice.

“You’ve left me no choice” …saying this the man appeared before me. Never have I ever seen this man but there was something about him. He didn’t speak but inched closer towards me. His blue eyes wanted to tell a story. I stared into his ocean eyes until it hit me. Why this night brought me here.Why I was wanting to be killed. And most importantly who wanted to kill me. His eyes told it all.

The Oliver Family inherited one of the world’s rarest diseases. Polycaria-a pathological condition which affects the eye and is characterized by having more than one pupillary opening in the iris. It makes the eye look like it has a black birthmark.

The man held a mirror in front of me and I stared into the black mark in my very own blue eyes. With tears in my eyes, I took a glance at my little brother who I believed was dead 24 years ago.

“Posthumus birth” my brother’s voice echoed in the empty room.”One of the world’s rarest medical miracles of the baby being born after the death of a mother.”

I could do nothing but stare and continue to listen.

IN a few minutes, my nurse appeared.

“Meet my twin Ms Adelyn Oliver” he said.

Matters began to make sense, her birth complications explained the limp of her right leg. Amazingly only one of the twins inherited the blue eyes and that tricked me into believing she was nothing but a nurse.

Author Notes: story to be continued....

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22 Jan, 2021
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