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"The Surprise"

"The Surprise"

By Nickmeraglio19

My name is mark. One night I was walking outside to my car. It was a foggy night, We lived out in the countryside. I remember walking to my car. I got to the door. I grabbed my key from my back pocket. I heard a voice from behind me say

"Do not turn around, Get on you Knees." I hesitated for a second, when I heard what sounded like a gun being taken off the safety. I started to plead the man.

"Please don't hurt me I will give you whatever you want." I said.

The man laughed and said "Yeah I know you will." He than ordered me to stand up,turn around and face him. I couldn't see his face to well because the fog. But I saw the gun in his hand clear as day. He said "Give me the keys." I handed him the keys. He said

"Good now open the trunk." I walked behind the car,Opened the trunk.

"Now get in the trunk." He said. "Please i can't I have my wife inside and baby.

"This isn't up for a debate, get in the trunk or I'll shoot." I took a few deep breaths. I looked at the trunk of my car and I climbed inside. The man slammed the door shut. Complete darkness overtook. Fear was racing down on me. As I heard the car engine turn on, the man pulled out. It felt like we were going at least seventy miles an hour down the Countryside road. What felt like a century was more like forty minutes. The car stopped the man opened the door. Pointed the gun to me and said "get out!" I climbed out still shacking and said

"Please don't hurt me." I glanced at the building. It was our local bank. I asked "what are we doing hear?"

The man laughed and said "your going to Rob it!" He grabbed me by my shirt and stared pushing me to the enter,he opened the entrance door open, we heard an alarm ring. The man slammed the door shut and locked me in. I tried to open the door but it was locked from the outside. I started to pound on the door. Fear came over me. As I turned around. The bank looked abandoned. But there was a light upstairs in one of the main rooms. I saw it right before the light turned off. One of the computers was still making noise so I knew the power was not out. I made my way over towards the steps. I got to the top and I opened up the door. It was pitch black. I turned the light on and jumped...

"SURPRISE!!!" My wife,Baby,My brother and his fiancé,there kids and my sister along with my parents and some of my best friends were in the room laughing. "What is this?" I asked.

"Your Birthday!!!" They shouted. "You hired a man to kidnap me and force me into the trunk of my own car, and make me think I was about to rob a bank just for a birthday party? What's wrong with you guys?" I said. Everyone's faces went from excitement to shock." "What's wrong?" I asked" "we said No to the man who asked about putting you in the trunk." My wife said. "You did?" I asked. I got goosebumps, everyone did. When suddenly the power went out inside the bank.

Author Notes: Good story

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About This Story
4 Dec, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
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