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"The Winds of Change"

"The Winds of Change"

By Msgigi

The winds of change came upon her so slowly. That young girl of days gone by, with pigtails flying up to the sky... when she jumped and played hop-scotch...her hair now couffered into a style, she is quite a looker and no longer wild.

Sassy she is now though, swaying those hips with her every step, long slender legs and a free spirit soul...playing her games with the opposite sex, funning and having her way, not caring about another day...

Those labor pains of two births and a short lived marriage didn't dampen her spirits none; why she just kept in step while raising her sons and lived her life right on. A gypsy she was, moving from ether to yarn, changing this and that, never holding on to anything or anyone for very long.

Time has past and the boys are grown, everybody living their own lives and she continues on. Nearing the autumn of her years, she's still a rebel. Each day the woman she sees in the mirror reflects that little girl with the pigtails playing hop-scotch...or that free spirited young lady flirting, her hips swaying...or the young woman with the long slender legs...and yes, the woman evolved before her now, staring back in the mirror.

The winds of change have blown in her direction...she accepts and wears it well.

Author Notes: Years after, she's still that gypsy, living her life as she desires.

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15 Oct, 2020
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1 min
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