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Rage What Would You Do, Poem

Rage What Would You Do, Poem

By alexander

Why do you get to play why I fall down and die in the dirt not a care on anyone's faces just watching you have fun standing above the rest of us.

You are happy and giddy as your new clothes that you get put on, you don’t see where they come from though paying 1000 sands for them, which we never got paid to make.

But you blame the ignorance you didn’t know you cry, you send thoughts and prays but that doesn't stop the buildings from falling the people poised my parents sleeping under the workbench.

You see us in your limelight for a moment then we pass back to the backs of your minds because it hurts too much for you to change your life, convenience over us! Well, that's fine.

Your country is full of the homeless that you persecuted just like us you think they are filthy so you hide them away, put spikes and laws in place, never to be seen to be left in the dirt to die,

why do you even pretend to care have you been homeless have you climbed out of the fact to work you need a home, so no work even if you can do it, so they brake and steal, they scream and cry for help that you pass by.

The most disgusting creature on the planet is us, we ignore close our hearts from the screams of a perishing land engulfed with flames of horror from the factories,

the rage we feel,

The anger at the empty

the poor giving to the poor as the rich claim back, no longer protests, the people content, one day you shall sit here under the desk cowering from the boss, who beats you if your slow who will make sure they get what they want,

so to will you be kicked to the side left to die and looking up see the happy face wearing the clothes you make,

and then your ignorance is gone, you are me now, follow what they say!! just pull yourself up work hard and you will move up.

Till all your shown is the dirt to lick as thanks.

How will you scream then as the world doesn't care no more for you.

Strike out, game over.

Author Notes: just hope it makes you angry today then take a look at why. talk to me down below

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20 Feb, 2018
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1 min
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