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Lucas and Gidon were my best friends. Also, there was a guy named Tom but he lost his life. He was a great partner, good friend and a perfect dealer. Lucas was not ready for his death. But, I don’t give a shit about his death. His death was un-useful for me. Gidon took the packets of drug which we borrowed from the French guy.

“Three kilograms. This deal will make us fucking rich,” Gidon said. “Hey, thin boy Lucas, do you want to try these drugs?”

Lucas gave him a strange look. He took his cigarette in hand and then thrown it. “Don’t waste it on me. You know I can finish that complete stock in just two weeks.”

“Who is the buyer?” I asked. Honestly I didn’t want any localities to deal with. “Some foreign body?”

Gidon stared at me, “A German.” He put that drugs in his black bag. “And don’t ask any questions. Get your share and shut up.”

I cannot say anything rude to Gidon because he was tall and strong. He nearly killed me once. I was lucky in various ways. We saw a dream, a dream about getting rich. So, we got into a cab and rushed to the German buyers.

The buyers were short and fat. One of them was carrying a bag full of contract money. The deal was looking great to me. Lucas and the buyers started conversation.

In the meantime, I called someone, “I want you and your car in fifteen minutes. Hurry up and come here.”

“drei. Das ist genug,” one of the buyers said. “It seems gud. As per the deal here ist your money. But we will nod compromise in the quality.”

“It is premium. One of its kind,” Luca said. “Just give us our damn money.”

They hand over the bag to Gidon. The fat buyer put that drugs in his jacket. Without saying a goodbye, they left. Most importantly we got our bag.

Gidon started laughing, “Fucking YES! We got our money. I’ll throw one share on Sophia’s face. But the remaining money is with us.”

Lucas giggled, “We did it finally. No more hiding now. No more dull loans now.” He rubbed his nose. “My share is 166,000. I add my cab expenses there.”

“Don’t talk shit around here in-front of me, “Gidon said rudely. “We will go to the hotel first. There I’ll probably give you some money.”

I saw my friend with his car outside the window. I moved my head as a sign. As per planned, a guy hit something metallic on Gidon’s head and then he ran. I pushed Lucas aside and grabbed the bag. I started to run from there.

“Get here you cunt,” Gidon shouted. “I will kill you Martin. I will fuc…”

Gidon fainted and fall down. Lucas picked a knife and thrown towards me. I was lucky, he missed but the sharp knife broke my adjacent window. He started running behind me.

“Martin, stop you bitch,” Lucas said angrily.

I rapidly jumped in my friend’s car. “Go go go …” I demanded. My friend pressed his leg hardly on the accelerator. His car ran uncontrollably fast. We left Lucas far behind but I was able to hear his voice. He was abusing me so badly.

I smiled looking at the bag. It was never about betrayal. It was all about money. Yes they were my best friends but I fucking don’t care. I am a bad person and I choose money in-front of everything. I was not afraid of Gidon and Lucas but the greatest threat was Queen Sophia.


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3 Nov, 2020
Read Time
3 mins
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