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Rain and Roses Part 1

Rain and Roses Part 1

By justassaneasiam

Well, It's been almost a month since Savannah and her mom moved to South Carolina. Savannah was 15 the first time her dad left her. Ever since then, her mom has been on a frenzy for men. Recently, one man, Rick, convinced her to move to his house in South Carolina. After some arguments, Savannah finally convinced her mom to enroll her in a boarding school.
First days of school, in a new town, was the worst kind of butterflies Savannah ever caught in her stomach. First days tend to make an impression. So today, Savannah decided to wear her gray sweater, blue jeans and put her auburn hair in a ponytail. She hated to look in the mirror because every time she sees her green eyes, it reminds her of her father, whom she really wished to forget.
She was quite out of sorts today since she spent all night packing. She didn't look forward to the bumpy car ride. Her mom was quite worried because the boarding school she was going to was Co-Ed. Then the rain started. She boarded up the car nervously. As, the car came to a stop, her mom said "Be careful sweetie, bye." and kissed her cheek. "Yeah. mom." Savannah replied as she got out and slammed the car door.
She knew she's been too hard on her mom lately but, who'd blame her? She struggled to come up the front steps. It was then that this guy, a 5and a half footer maybe, ran into her. Then all her luggage dropped to the floor. "Oh! Hey. Be careful there little girl." he said. He was probably the same age as Savannah so it infuriated her to hear him call her that.
"Yeeaahh.... whatever." Savannah said coldly. Then she picked up all her things off the floor. She was taking all her time waiting for the guy to leave. It's been thirty minutes (Savannah kept dropping, reloading opening, spilling the bags and what not.) She was quite sure that this stranger left when she straightened back up. She started to leave when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder and the stranger saying, "Wait..."...........

What does this guy have to do with Savannah?
What will he do?
find out on the second part of the series 0.o

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21 Sep, 2011
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1 min
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