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Rain, Life and Comfort
Rain, Life and Comfort

Rain, Life and Comfort


I look out the window as the summer rain continued on. A couple walked passed, huddling under a small umbrella, looking utterly happy and blissful. Unwillingly, I let a smile creep upon my lips. The weather may not be my cup of tea, but it is always nice to see others bask in the glory of life. I place my glass down on the table as I stand up and make my way towards the counter.
"A nice smoothie Jen, keep up the good work! I'll come to check on you guys this afternoon before I leave the city!" I say as Jen looks up to me and her usual beaming smile greets me.
"Yup! See you in a couple of hours then, boss!" She answers back, I only smile before taking my umbrella and walking out unto the wet streets of the city.
The cafe is in a less crowded area, a small alleyway with numerous unique shops and a calming vibe. Hard to believe that just around the corner is the bustling business street. However, that isn't my destination for today. I go the other way, the closer corner, and see as I walk into the familiar sidewalk of the residential area that I have known my entire life. Tall residential buildings adorned both sides of the streets, a metropolitan park full of children was a hundred meters down, right beside the local public school.
More people walked on this part of the city, considerably less than the business district but far more than the quirky alleyway I just came from. Moms holding grocery bags, kids running around, getting wet under all this rain, businessmen walking fast with their dark-colored umbrellas, teenagers pushing each other and laughing, the city is alive despite the rain.
I continued to walk until I reach my building. I smile at the receptionist before rushing to get in the elevator right before it shut. "Morning, Ace." I greet as I try to drip the least amount of water as possible from my wet umbrella unto the elevator floor.
"Quite late, almost noon now." The familiar voice said as I looked up with a smile.
"Want to grab lunch then? I left something baking before I went to check on the cafe." I offered.
"I would love to, but my mom is apparently here, that's why I rushed back. Have to show her around for a bit." Ace said apologetically as a sheepish smile bloomed on his freckled face.
"Totally fine, tell her I said hi. My stop! See you!" I said and walked out of the elevator. He gave a wave before the doors shut again and I walk towards my apartment. Time to start packing.

Author Notes: This is just a blurb. I needed to write and this just flowed naturally. A quick light read.

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6 Aug, 2019
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2 mins
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