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By WizardTheJi - 1 Review

The room was pitch black but it lay flat across the table, a perfect layer of white. Voices crept into my ears, eating away at my soul as I sucked the last grains of coke into my nose. Eyes peeked from around a corner, staring directly into mine, as the smell of sulfur drifted into my nose. 
Take a pill.
The smell dispersed along with the eyes as a knock came to the door. Getting up, I opened it. 
"Hey, how are the pills working?" 
"Good doc, good, it shouldnt be long now, not long..."
"But how long?" 
"Not long... ill talk to you tomorrow." 
He waved goodbye as I took my coat off the rack, it was ending today. Two years is long enough.   

Walking to the back of the bus, a lady looking like my wife sat. 
“May I sit here?” 
 "Now John, why couldnt you sit next to your wife?" 
The bus had stopped at my destination, and getting off, I dropped a ten cent tip in the jar. It rode away without a sound, and began my trek into the compassionate, cold snow. 
I was nervous because I had already missed her what seemed like two years, lost in my own sadness. I left right after the service because I had already buried my joy as a man with it. Roses were scattered everywhere, beautiful, reminding me of my wedding with Addison.
A man stared at me on the pathway. Flashing him a thumbs up, I walked on. Deep shadows floated around in the soft serenity. The path was covered lightly in snow, and the trees silently weeped. 
Few people stood among the calming air as the grass sang the wind a quiet song. I cant see her now, I cant do it...
Looking down, there she was, Grayce my lovely, sitting on this dark, dreary night.
Pill? No, I love my daughter. 
“Hey...I haven't seen you in a while,how are you?” 
“Isn't today your birthday, where do you want to go?” 
Still unanswered, my heart was warmed, because I already knew.  Holding her by the hand, I began to take her off into the stormy night, hoping, this time, I could meet with her. 
Last time we were going to stay home, but Addison and I had parted by then. 
Grayce never asked where her mother was. I never told her. I guess it wasn't difficult raising a child in a single parent home...?      
Stopping, I looked down, and there was my girl, pulling my sleeve.
"Can we just be a family?" 
I stared into her eyes blankly, seeing her alive for the first time. 
"Ok, ok, just for you..." 
Looking over, I saw my Addison reaching for my hand, and I grasped it. 
People stared upon as I dropped my last pill on the ground, Clozapine he called it, I don't know. 
“I love you Dad.” 
“I love you too... Grayce.” 

Then, we walked into the light, and I hadn't remembered that my newborn Grayce died in my wife Addisons dying arms. 
What was it again? Two days? Two years? Two months? Too long...


Author Notes: I understand if its terrible.

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28 Nov, 2015
Read Time
2 mins
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