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Random Greek Story
Random Greek Story
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Random Greek Story


Long ago, in Ancient Greece, there was a goddess named Telha. She had many powers. One of them was that she could grow flowers and bring charm to anyone in the world. People took a lot of time looking at her because she had the skin of buttermilk and the beauty of a beautiful flower. It was said that she could sing so well that the sky would come down to hear her.

Well, guess what? None of that is true. She is my mom, the most “charming”, "really nice" and “graceful." If she was all that, then right now I would be outside taking a swim or talking to the birds. But nope, I'm in my room grounded for “interrupting” my mom while she was talking to Zeus. First if all, I didn't Iinterrupt her… she asked me before to get his present. I got it and I walked in the room and my mom gave a stare at me…

I almost forgot, My name is Grace… I have the power of ummm… I don't know yet. According to my mom you learn what your power is when you are 13, But I'm only 11. I mean, WHAT THE HECK!!!. Sorry, I got a little angry, but my point is that my mom is annoying, selfish and always tries to act all charming and nice and stuff.. But really she's like the opposite, she yells at me when I forget to feed our frog etc.. Yes, we have a frog that sings and also talks and has conversations with me. My best friend Hermione is awesome! She has the power of Teleportation and the Powers to create fantastic beings and weapons with supernatural powers. Shes lives far away, but we always talk through letters, We sent these magical birds and they send the notes REALLY quickly! Yeah, so anyways, now you know about me right now… And what I'm doing right now.

My friend shes 15! And she said she got her powers when she was 9, It makes me mad every time she brings it up but oh well. Sometimes I think that my mother lies to me, like one time we were reading a book and my mom said “Don't talk to the demons or else your tongue will be black”. And one Time I talked to a demon and I checked the mirror and my tongue was perfectly FINE!! I got to leave for my moms meeting… I will talk to you tomorrow

Author Notes: Random Story I wrote


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18 Jan, 2017
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2 mins
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