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A Real Friend Or A Phony One!! :/

A Real Friend Or A Phony One!! :/

By crazeybabii14

A real friend is a person who honestly cares about you! A person who knows the truth about you! Who understands you and will never turn on you! A real friend is someone who you can turn to and say "Hey, can u help me out?" or "Hey, look im drunk come pick me up" not someone who u would have to lie to and say "Hey, im tired and have no way to get home can you come get me?" No, thats someone you do not call a real friend, that someone you could talk to and hang with once and a while, but a real friend is someone you hang out with almost every day and talk to about anything anywhere at any time! THAT IS a Real Friend. A real friend would sit next to you in jail and look back and laugh at what you did to get there..a phony one, would sit next to you and complain on how YOU got them there or how YOU got them into with you. NO,THAT IS NOT A REAL FRIEND!!!! So if you ever go out to try to find true friends and dont know where to look, try looking at you family!! Thats where they all are..or at least most..even people you count as family and isnt.. Thats a true friend too.. Real friend: The one who helps you with anything and everything, the one who cares the most, the one you count as family, the one you LOVE!!! <3 Phony friend: The one who sits there and complains for getting them in trouble, the one who says your mean if one little thing goes wrong, the one who cares but doesnt show it, the one that shows no LOVE!!!

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7 Apr, 2011
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