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Real life

Real life

By Dbraun

Do you remember the feeling of being young and not yet knowing of the stress and heartbreak that life can bring you? I wish it could still be that way sometimes. It seems so strange to me how our outlooks on life can be changed so drastically just by one simple event in our lives or how age and wisdom can also bring bitterness and regret. If you look back to every single day of your life, whether it be just another day at the office or the day your baby girl was born, every day, every event in our lives have shaped who we have become. From a first love, first day of work, to the first fight with your family. All of these little things add up and eventually change our views on the world.

When we think about all these little events, we often discount them as small meaningless experiences. It would be great to see people really thinking and reflecting upon these things and learning from them. Our experiences with love can completely change the way we approach, behave, and let ourselves feel in every relationship for the rest of our lives. Working in a low paying, zero respect job; as most of us do at some point, can make us want to go above and beyond to get the dream job and do something we are passionate about. Family is a very precious thing that can be valued and protected, or split apart by dark pasts and secrets.

Sometimes I can still feel the way it felt to be so pure of mind and heart. To believe that everything will be perfect in the end and everything will go according to plan. I can remember a time when I was just a little girl; I was so excited to find my prince charming, land an amazing job and have a beautiful family. Little did I know at the time that true love, is the hardest thing in the world to grab a hold of, amazing jobs, only come to you through years of hard work, and a beautiful family is a wonderful gift, but it also takes a lot of stability and hard work to be able to provide for them like we all want to. Life never really goes according to our plans. We never really get to choose, what we will go through how it will affect us it is almost like life, as its own plan for us. This fact, has affected who I am.

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30 Nov, 2012
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2 mins
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