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ThomastheRayThomas Ray

The gods betrayed us.

They watch from above, I know they see all.

So why all this? Why are we allowed to suffer at the hands of these cruel rulers? And why have the gods given their power to such corrupted men?

The only answer is that they don’t care. They have turned a deaf ear to our cries—they no longer feel the need to help us.

Years ago, I was a religious scholar. I studied at the best schools, and learned from the very best priests and monks. I wanted to be like them. Eventually, I found myself almost in their shoes. I was going to be a leader in a special school of religion, training more intensively to be a priest.

Then the gods betrayed us, lending power to men so evil that, with their new power, they subjected their fellow men to their rule. The king—a good man, stepped down from his position as soon as he saw what the new would-be rulers could do. We all thought he was a strong ruler, and that he could at least try to protect us.

Well, he wasn’t the only one who disappointed us.

Many said that these powers had been given as a punishment for mankind’s wrongdoings, while others—for some morbid reason—thought that they had been given as a blessing, and that these rulers were the ones who had been meant to watch over the kingdom all along.

I, for myself, didn’t know what to decide. I waited for an answer, and none came.

I waited for the gods to show their hand.

And they never did.

So I stopped waiting for answers and made my own. Reason overcame faith. The gods don’t care—they never cared.

The gods. Traitors.

But men have the power to change their surroundings. We can influence anything, if we have the strength and patience for it.

So I cling to a hope that we can someday change our reality to accommodate happiness. Maybe, in many years, we can find a way to take hold of our lives, live how we feel is best, and bring the creatures we call our kings to their feet.

The god-power they hold can change reality, but we can remake what they destroy.

We make reality.

Author Notes: This is technically a companion to another story I wrote 'Intentions and Beliefs' which I am rather proud of. By itself it makes some sense, but read the other one if you want the other part of the story.

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About The Author
Thomas Ray
About This Story
19 Jun, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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