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Reality After Death
Reality After Death

Reality After Death


“Help me!”, She then listned to hear if any noise had responded from the dark echo of her scream. “I’m going to die.” She thought. She feared the thought of what it would feel like. What would be the reality after death?

She couldn’t move. She was stuck laying on a cold smoothed floor, no light only darkness and the only thing she could do was scream and think to herself. She barley knew if she had her eyes open or if they were just softly closed. She couldn’t remeber how she got there or even where there was. But she knew and understood that wherever she is. There must be some kind of terror waiting to happen.

The thought of her being accurate to her thought feared her even more than before. The girl took one more deep breath in not knowing it would be her last. Just before she was about to scream for a repeated time. There was a supped break in the atmosphere. Although it was dark she could feel the horror on her face, as all the air she had just taken in before was been ripped from her lungs.

It took her only a brief moment before she knew what was happening. The floor she was laying on had disappeared from beneath her body and she began to descend into nothingness. A never ending cycle of being paralyzed and falling without reach of the ground. The drop made her stomach cramp from inside out. Her eyes widened, she knew for sure that her eyes were open because she could feel the tears ripping across her face.

The girl never stopped falling and she never died. Unless that’s as her reality after death.

Author Notes: Just a twisted short story I thought of. Stay tuned to read later of what happens to the girl.

Find out what her name is in the next story.

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22 Feb, 2019
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1 min
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