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By efang

There once was a boy named Phineas. Actually, there are plenty of boys named Phineas, but this story is about Billy. Billy is an intriguing boy who had many weird habits. Like that one day he fell into the magical valleys of Exhetia. Everywhere Billy looked, he saw bright yellow dandelions ands many pretty girls he could call his friend. Exhetia was a bright and sunny place where Billy could throw all his worries away and relax. Ahhhhhh. He laid down in the dewy grass and gently stroked the soil underneath his fingertips. He saw his parents there, too, smiling and waving at him, beckoning him to come forward. This was it, he had found his happy place where Todd didn't exist and pain was nonexistent. Where the sun could shine forever, where he didn't live with 6 other kidsplural and didn't have to be starving by the end of each night. Wow! This was what paradise was! But all good things must come to an end, and this heaven met an unsparing one. A dark cyclone of all things impure invaded Billy's precious valley. He heard maniacal laughter not too far off in the distance and the two gunshots which had radically changed his life. Everything was rapidly being swept in and Billy could do nothing. The pretty girls, the flowers, the earth beneath him and most importantly his parents - plural but can be plural or singular for madlib. "No!" Billy screamed in horror as the hopelessness and despair started infecting him. "STOP IT", he couldn't leave or else he would have to face reality! And it was around that time when Billy woke up in cold sweat to the sound of heavy rain pounding on the creaky roof.

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13 Sep, 2013
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1 min
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