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Falling for the Enemy
Falling for the Enemy

Falling for the Enemy


*Year six at hogwarts*

Harry and Ron are having a good laugh at the griffindor table after the sorting, when Dumbledore stands up, sending quiet slowly across the room. When everything was quiet he spoke.

"Welcome new students, and welcome back returning stuents. I hope you have had plenty of time to empty your heads over the summer, so hogwarts can fill them up again! I have a special announcemet to make, that may cause confusion in some. Hogwarts will be starting a cross-house experiment, to 6th years and 7th years we think can handle it. You will be sharing a common room and new dormitories this year"

An outbreak of murmuring and whispers broke out before Dumbledore could finnish his sentence. Harry look sideways at Ron. Surely they werent chosen for this, right? But before they could discuss it Dumledore silenced the hall and had them all eat.

Later McGonagal handed out sceduals to the Griffindors and both Harry and Rons had red ink on them. Harry read his first.

"We are in the grouped room. Hey on the bright side there will only be three of us in there instead of five" said Harry.

"I really hope somone isnt in there we don't like, or were in for it" Ron put as an afterthought, "Imagine if it was Draco Malfoy!" Both he and Harry started to laugh at the idea.

Harry and ron were finding their way into the new shared common room where a banner with the Hogwarts emblem shone bright. They eventually found their way up the staircase they were supposed to and Harry opend the door first. Harry stopped dead in his trackas and Ron barely noticed.

"And mum had a fit at Fred, and you could hear her screaming and George laughing for miles and- oi what gives?" Ron asked as he pushed Harry out of the way. Then he caught sight of who was unloading onto a bed in the corner. It was Draco Malfoy.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" Groaned Ron as he quickly took the bed on the other side of the room, leaving Harry the bed nect to Draco.

"Yeah well Im not thrilled anout it either weasley" sneared Draco. He threw things onto his bed and refused to look at either of them. Harry had no choice but to start unpacking onto the bed next to Dracos and made sure to stay as far away as possible in case Malfoy decided to say something about him being too close. Then the time came to get changed for bed and without saying anything Ron hopped on his bed and started to get changed behind the curtain. But Draco just turned around and started to undress without a second though. Harry didnt realize what was happening until he was staring at Draco's bare back. He turned around when he realized that he was about to take off his pants. He started to undress as well, and Draco couldnt help but to turn to see if theye were staring at him. He had expected Harry to do the same thing Ron had, but instead was faced with Harry undressing. For some reason this made him blush, but he pushed it out of his mind.

Harry layed down, now in his pajamas, and watched Draco lay down, still shirtless, but in pajama bottoms.

"Arent you going to put a shirt on?"

"Am I supposed to? I always sleep like this" and he layed down and quickly fell asleep. A few miutes later, or so it felt, he woke up. In a stupefied state he looked at the clock, wich read 11:37. He searched around for the reason he woke up and realized that he hear a soft moaning noise. He looked over at Harry and saw him with both hands clutched to his scar and he was making the noises. He listend harder.

"No, no! No, please no. No, he didnt do anything, its me, kill me instead, please, NO!" He could tell Harry was breathing hard now, and he tried to cover his ears, but the sound was pitiful. He got up and walked over to his bed, and started to stroke his hair, face turned away, pretending in his mind that he was doing anything but this. He couldnt help but notice how soft his hair was though. He realized that Harry was calming down.

"No, no.. please..." and eventually he stopped talking altogether, and Draco stood there for another 3 mins to make sure he wouldnt wake up again. He could see Harry calm down dramatically, and he walked back to his bed and layed down again, and it took him a few mins to fall back alseep.

"So if we just pour this last one into the mixture, it should clear up and, oh what is it Ron?" Hermione had been helping him in potions.

"Look at Harry and Draco, they are actually working together. When snape assigned them to be partners I thought for sure they would rip each others throats out" and Hermione looked over and sure enough they were working together in a half silence.

"Oh, well..." Hermione couldnt think of anything to say. "Yes they are, and they will get far ahead of us if we dont continue" and so they got back to making their potion.

Harry and Ron were eating in the dinner hall, and Harry noticed that Draco wasn't there. He stuffed a few sandwiches in his pocket as they left. Sure enough they passed Draco working on homework in the commn room on their way to their dormitory. Ron said he wanted to go talk to some people in the Griffindor common room, and that he would see Harry later. Harry made his way up to the room and set up the sandwiches on Draco's bed, before dressing and climbing into his own. Draco made it into the dormitory before just as Ron followed him in.

"Whats this?" Draco asked with a disgusted look as he felt something in his covers. Ron looked over to see what he was talking about.

"Oh Harry noticed you werent eating dinner, so he brought you some sandwiches I think. Er, goodnight" and Ron drew the curtains around him again. Draco pulled the cover back and sure enough the sandwiches were there, and he was so touched as he ate two, not even realizing how hungry he had been. He looked over at Harry as he finnished them, and thought he looked adorable with his mouth half open, hair more messy than normal, and arms in a strange postition. He shook these thoughts out of his mind, what was he thinking? He noticed that he had his glasses still on, and very gently took them off and placed them on his night stand before getting into bed.

*A few months later, small stuff like that has been happening*

Hermione was working with Ron in potions when she notices Draco staring at Harry. She cant read his expression, but she thinks its somewhere between a dreamy stare and a schemeing face. It had to be the latter she decided. She suddely felt Ron tugging at her arm. She looked down and saw that she had poured the whole bottle in the caouldron when the book said half.

"Her-mi-on-e! The book said half! What are you staring at!?"

"O-oh goodness! Im sorry Ron! I was just looking at Malfoy" she noticed the look that Ron was giving her. "Oh Ron, not like that. Look at the way he is looking at Harry" and Ron looked.

"He looks like he is planning to do something. Something bad" Said Ron with a wary tone. "Anyways, so the book says that we are supposed to add 1/4 of a cup of bettle eyes" and they got back to work, but Hermione couldnt shake the thought of Malfoy schemeing.

Hermione was working on some homework with ron and a ravenclaw, when she saw Harry sitting with Draco. She looked closer and saw that they were doing homework, but couldt hear what they were saying.

"I dont get it, Im saying the spell right, but its not working!" said Malfoy in a rage.

"Yes but you are doing the hand motion wrong. Here" and harry grabbed his arm and guided it in a sort of loopdeloop ending with a swirl. Draco gave the faintest blush at Harry's touch, and Hermione saw it. You wouldnt have noticed it if you werent looking for it, but she was, and saw it. She also noticed that Harry was taking longer to show the motion than it would have been her or Ron. "Oh my goodness, do they like each other?" Hermione whisperd under their breath.

"What was that Hermione?" And she nodded her head just slightly to where Harry and Draco were sitting. Ron looked, and obviously didnt get what she was saying. "Wow, so Malfoy is finally doing some homework. Never thought I'd see the day" Hermione wanted to explain to ron but the Ravenclaw was listening intently, so she settled on muttering under her breath.


"See, there you are. Flowers, thats the right spell." There were flowers finally sprouting out of the end of his wand.

"Finally.Thanks, Potter." Draco rarely ever thanks him, and Harry was taken aback for a moment.

"Y-your welcome" and Hermione saw him blush this time. She had to know for certain. Harry got up to use the restroom and she noticed Draco follow him with his eyes all the way out the door. She told Ron that she needed to have a word with Malfoy, and made her way over. She sat down and Malfoy immediately adopted his usual manner.

"What is it, Granger?" He asked, folding his arms and leaning back in his chair.

"I have an extra credit project I need to get done and I was wondering if you could help. You just need to smell something and tell me what it smells like to you" She felt proud for making that up on the spot. Malfoy looked at her suspiciously but when she took the stopper out and handed it to him he took it.

"Alright, fine. Look at me, im turning into the good guy" he took a hearty sniff. "It... It smells like" he took another sniff "Like broom polish". Well he did play Quidditch so that was understandable. "And um, I smell something, Ive smelled that before... I know, in the dormitory and during potions class. Ive never smelled it anywhere else." He took another smell "It kind of smells like, like..." He look at Hermione with all the colour draining from his face.

"D-do you know what that potion is?" asked Hermione in a soft voice. Draco nodded. It was a love potion, and it smelled like things that attract you. "You share a dormitory and a potions table with.." She hesitated. She expected him to blow up at her, and deny everything, but to her surprise he just sank into his chair and put his head in his hands, elbows on his knees.

"Well, I see you've figured out my horrible seret" He said glumly.

"Why is it horrible. Its not wrong to like bo-" Malfoy jumped up and shushed Hermione, before looking around to make sure no one had heard.

"Shut up! You dont understand, I dont know how my parents will feel, probaly call me a disgrace, and let alone the famous Harry Potter. Who else knows?" he asked, getting his bossy manner back rather quickly.

"Just me, I wont tell. But, Draco, dont you think you ought to tell him?" Draco's response was to roll his eyes. "Oh come on, whats the worse thing that can happen?" but before he could answer Harry had appeared.

"Whats the worse that could happen to what?" He asked. Draco jumped up very suddenly and muttered something about being tierd before speeding off to the dormitory. "Whats that all about" Harry asked Hermione.

"Oh um, uh... Hey, Draco is coming back!" but in fact he wasnt. But Harry proceeded to attempt to flatten his hair and look around wildly.

"He is? Where?" And when he saw that he wasnt coming he looked back at Hermione. He looked embarrased, and so Hermione 'changed the subject'.

"So, er, would you mind helping me? Its an extra credit potions thing" and she handed him the love potion. "Its a love potion, it smells like what you are attracted to. Just tell me what you smell". Harry took a deep breath. "It smells like, er, freshly laundered quidditch robes" he smelled again "and like hair gel. What? Why hair gel? I dont even use hair get" He looked at Hermione questioningly.

"W-well, d-dont you know someone who does?" Her voice was small and nervous. It took him a moment but he then looked at her with dawing surprise which quickly turned into a scowl.

"No. No way. You are crazy Hermione. You must be insane" He was shaking his head and laughing slightly, but the laugh sounded fake, hollow even.

"Harry, there is nothing wrong with it. I just-" But Harry cut across her, eyes frantic now.

"Okay! I didnt mean to fall in love with that greasy hair, and that sarcastic attitude, and those dreamy eyes and..." Harry trailed off and quickly came back. "I didnt mean to okay? Im sorry" he put his face in his hands and sat down. He seemed frantic, but Hermione put a tentive hand on his back.

"Its alright, Harry. I think he might, you know-" And Harry looked up at her.

"Your serious" she just nodded. "You are serious? I-" he stood up, sat back down, and stood back up again. Straightend his robes and tried to flatten his hair, he said a very breif and awkward goodnight to Hermione and ran up the stairs to the dormitory.

"Oh my goodness." Hermione didnt know what to feel. Happy obviously, but what to think of it. Ron walked up to her, and put a hand on her shoulder.

"What did you say to make them both run away from you?" Ron asked jokingly. Hermione rolled her eyes. "What? What did you say?"

"You are clueless, Ron. Goodnight" and she gave him a small kiss on his cheek and a breif hug before hurrying up the girls stairs.

Ron touched the spot she had kissed, thinking about the events of the night. "Blimey, I never know whats going on around here."

*In the boys dormitory*

Harry walked in, seeing draco sitting on the edge of his bed. Harry strode right over to him, leaving only a foot of space between them. Draco stood up.

"What do you want, Potter?" He tried to sound menacing, but his voice waverd slightly.

"You" Harry started blushing furiously.

"I- what? What are you talking about, Potter?" it took him a moment.

"Oh god dont make me say it again" Harry plead with his face. It finally dawned on Draco. "Please dont make me say it aga-" but draco silenced him with a kiss. Harry's eyes remained open for a moment, taken back, but he closed them and opened his mouth for him. Harry put his hands on his waist and shoulder, while Draco intertwined his fingers in his har, and the other hand around his neck. Draco backed Harry into the wall between their beds, kissing him more passionately still.

"Hey guys whats up?" Ron entered the room at that exact moment. He stopped in his tracks. "Uh, is this a bad time...?" he had turned red and froze where he was.

Draco pulled off of Harry, telling him with his eyes he was sorry. He clenched his hair and threw him off of him. "And next time you try to talk about my father, Potter, I wont go so easy on you!" Harry was stunned.

"R-right. Um, sorry anout that..." He hoped the blushing wouldnt give him away. Ron caught his breath.

"Oh, oh oh oh okay. Alright, uh, I was jsut wondering if you wanted to come down to dinner." Ron said. Draco sat defiently on his bed, and Harry stood up to leave. "alright, catch you later" Ron walked out of the room first. Harry turned around.

Malfoy gave him a blushing smile. "Bye, Potter". Harry waved and said goodbye.

*During dinner*

Ron was telling about the time George and Fred tried to get him to ride a firework broom.

"And so mum tore me off of it, and lets just say Fred and Georges back side were red for a week!" Hermione was trying to stop her giggles and Neville was howling with laughter. Harry realized they were laughing and gave an unconvincing chuckle at the last second. Hermione was the only one to notice. After dinner she pulled him aside, letting the other get ahead.

"Harry, whats been going on? Ever since, erm, our talk earlier you have seemed.... dreamy?" She searched Harrys face for anything wrong. "Did I cause you two to stop talking? Oh Harry im so sorry, what can I do to fix this? Oh I feel absoloutely awful"

"No no, no, nothings wrong, if anything its quite the opposite..." And he saw the extatic look on Hermione's face and blushed as he said, "W-we arent actually dating, I-i mean not yet anyways, I-i mean we kissed and all but..." and Hermione tackled him in a hug so hard she practically knocked him over.

"Eeeee! Oh Harry thas wonderful! Im so happy for you both! Oh my goodness, Ill destract Ron, and you go talk to him. Oh this is wonderful!" Hermione bustled off in a most Mrs.Weasly-ish manner, and Harry shook his head and laughed as he walked back to the common room.

Hermione pulled Ron to the far side of the common room and distracted him by getting him to preform all the different spells from Charms today, almost as soon as they stepped in. As Harry snuck over to the boys dormitory stiars, he saw Hermione wink at him.

Draco was laying on his bed, smiling crazily, unable to stop himself. He heard the door open.

"Hello, weasley" he galnced over expecting to see Ron, but found himself watching Harry walk over to him. He stood up as Harry reached him and without hestitaion they locked arms around each other, hugging so tight Harry though his back might snap in half. Somehow Harry ended up sitting on Draco's lap, while Draco sat on his bed.

"You know this doesnt change anything right, Potter?" Draco asked as harry kissed his neck.


"Just because we are exclusive doesnt mean I will treat you any differently"


"We still have to act like we hate each other"


"So you will have to stay three feet away from me at all times got it?" Harry stood up and backed up three feet.

"Like this?"

"When we are out in public yes but not right now. Get back over here" Harry smiled and closed the curtain to his bed.

"Lets get ready for bed"

Draco pouted at Harry. "Already? But I was just having fun"

Harry smiled at him as he took his shirt off and changed his pants. "The fun is just starting" Draco smiled and did the same. Draco climbed onto bed, sitting up and offered Harry his lap. Harry stratled his waist and looked intently into his eyes.



"My love potion smelled like you" Draco smiled at him.

"Oh yeah, and what did I smell like?"

"Hair gel" Draco rolled his eyes and pulled harrys head down into a kiss. They sat kissing for an illusion of time. Was it two minutes? Two hours? Who knows. Harrys hands were around dracos neck, while Draco's were intwined in Harry's hair, and on the small of his back. They broke apart suddenly when Ron came in.

"Bloody hell, you would think we were studying for exams with all the practice shes just made me do." he noticed both curtains drawn. "Er, hello?" Draco was quick to respond.

"Shut up would you. Potter went to bed early. Who knew the chosen boy had a bed time" Harry couldnt help but smile down at him.

"Alright jeez. Er, Goodnight, Malfoy"

"It is a very good night indeed" Said Draco, staring into harrys eyes.


Harry slid off of Draco and layed down next to him, offering him the space between his arm and torso. When Draco was all setlled in Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Yep, smells just like hair gel" He whisperd softly. He could feel, rather than hear, malfoy chuckle.

Author Notes: I ship it. Also will be posting a Hinny and Romione story soon. Also im sorry it was kind of rushed.

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