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Rebellion Dissidence
Rebellion Dissidence

Rebellion Dissidence


The drum snarring went off in my head as I heard Harvey, who he is recognized by the media as, speaking on top of a podium in the middle of a worldly mob as a grey flag with the broken trinity knot symbol printed on it. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands for everyone's attention in Constitutional Gardens faced Harvey on the stage with the Washington Monument back in the distance. His voice like a war-time radio host as broadcast media had all cameras on him. With passion and glory, I could feel it coming from deep in the words and see it in the faces of everyone who's on-board with what he likes to call 'Paradise'. The people side-by-side with broken trinity knot symbols for tattoos, torn american flags, wearing tough-guy clothing and war-gear in a fighting righteous spirit are mumbling and talking about a war with the establishment that will lead to a new way of life and governing.

"-Those in the extortion, depravity, venality, profiteering, baseness, bribery, nepotism, fraudulence, degradation, dishonesty and crookedness, they are the ones in the council. They are the ones who are to represent us? They are the ones who represent this?"

Harvey agressively pointed towards the American flag waving on the tall pole and the crowd roared in anger feeding off of his energy.

He pauses as he stares intensly at the crowd with his breathing becoming feirce in the mic with every bit of emotion in it.

"Why do I have to pay the price? Why do you have to pay? Why in the hell do ANY of us have to deal with this tyrannicalness? The government doesn't care about you. As long as they get paid sitting on their asses, they couldn't give a flying fuck what's happening to you or what vile policies they are putting in place as they ship the hard-worked tax money you paid for goes over-seas. It's time to start to care for the people. It's time to care for the ideas. It's time to care for what democracy has shown us."

The crowd roared in agreeance again.

"Our Founding Fathers didn't stand by as they watched their government fall down destroying the people. No... They fought for what was right. They fought for a system all people want to have. They fought for a country that cares for it's people, not the government-"

The masses chanted his name for a while as Harvey was to make his last remarks.

"I'm gonna ask you three questions."
Harvey held up his hand and turned it into a fist guiding them when to answer as he walked around.

The masses started to converge together with no spacing in-between anyone putting their fists in the air symbolizing their unity.

Harvey rang out holding the mic in his hand as he directs his body towards the crowd on stage,
"What do I want?"

They pump their fist shouting,


"What do you want?"


"What do we want?"


The crowd gave one more pump as they were hooting and hollering as large flocks of birds clouded the sky after their chants.

Harvey shouted in the midst of commotion,

"Now that the media has shown what we are, let's make our presence be felt and let's make it to 'Paradise'!"

Harvey jumped off stage and the crowd gave a battle cry.

With Harvey walking in front of them, the convoy of people followed behind marching towards the capitol building with chanting of Harvey's name.

Author Notes: Having relation to events and topics current in history, this is fictional content with no intended and/or purposeful connections towards people, places or events contained within this material as it is for creative writing purposes.

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9 Apr, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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