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By boomman17

-I apologize in advance for these rhymes I'm bout to give you
But this has been a long time coming.
-See I was told to speak no evil like the third wise monkey
But that time is long gone,
And I'm tired of seeing wrong being done to the people I care about
-But most importantly, I'm tired of people talking shit to me, thinking they gone run me.
You lil kids better learn how to respect me when you step to me, or else you not gone like me, at all.
-I'm too tall, too big, & too old to be playing these games with you
& you wanna talk about me, but look at the lames you try to screw with.
-And its lil boys like you that make it hard for true brothers like us
And its lil boys like you that get me mad & wanna spit.
-But not on you, cause that's stoopin too low.
I'm gone spit on my pad & let these bars flow.
-No more
Furthermore, its time to get to business,
-My first issue is with "Mr. You Can't Afford it",
See this dude think I gotta steal form him cause he think I can't afford shit.
Don't get mad cause you lost yours & I went to buy mine, now you wanna wine & cry, spreading lies but brother, I ain't got time.
I got more important things to do than have beef with you.
-You could have easily resolved this issue with me, but you just had to let these lil kids soop your head up & the nerve to get big with me.
-In case you ain't know, poets are the wrong ones to mess with,
If that wasn't enough, Scorpios are the ones you don't want it with.
-See this dangerous combination is what makes me hot.
And messing with me is something I'd advise you not to do.
So you might want to retrace your steps before you make accusations that you know are not true.
And if you come at me like you crazy again, its gone be all bad for you.
Cause I can tell that my bars got you contemplating what I'm saying, so think twice about what you gone do before your peeps wonder what happened to you dude.
-Now to my second issue, I'm not gone say no names, but "actually" Bo & Jessiah might figure it out.
I swear whenever this dude don't get his way, he wanna stomp around & pout.
-He may think he found out what really was going on, but his perception is all wrong.
But this shit ain't gone go one for long.
-I'm tired of sitting by as you continue to pry on innocent hearts & tearing lives & love apart
And his dude say I'm arrogant & stingy,
Brother you don't know the first thing about me.
-You keep trying to mess with my significant other, while your significant other keep asking me "Dude what's wrong with your brother?"
-I made up excuses for you but no more my brother
You on your own my brother.
-After what went down, you lost all respect, not just from me.
But I guess one day you'll see.
-And while you blaming me for your situations
Quit running from your problems
Be a man & quit sobbing.
-But enough on them, to the point on this letter.
Enigma is no longer going to be quiet, he's speaking out on any matter.
-If you don't think you can handle this situation, I'd advise you to stay calm.
And this wasn't a diss, just my poetic pipe bomb.

Author Notes: This is a revision of Poetic Pipe Bomb (Dry Ice). I just changed the title.

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30 Apr, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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