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Red Flag Gazing in Rose Colored Glasses

Red Flag Gazing in Rose Colored Glasses

By Jackiwrites - 1 Review


Have you ever? I know you’re clever and of course you have seen the signs. Your mind erasing the sharpening pains you feel in return for "better times". Destroying your time, ticking it's ticking. It’s never really easy saying goodbye. I can't think right now my ex is sitting across from me

this starbucks chatter is saving me

I'm so pissed he so he lies so much And won't admit nothing

what the.....? Um

he's innocent in his mind

Maybe immature is the best way to describe I'm sorry I'm ranting literally panting I'd cry but I can't because he's not ,so what would I look like? A fool oh my god, well that I'm not.I'm smart I'm sexy. I'm fun and hot!

well at least

I was ... where was I going with this(sigh)

I've gotta goet back to the point... align

I can't remain sad I was wearing some rose colored glasses

look at red flags .. girl goodbye

So next time

I'll try clear ray bans

so to my self you've learn you'are lesson!

Author Notes: Hi I’m 27 going though a rough time!
Realizing my own faults and mistakes!
Also that being single is truly so beautiful that being with a human that takes you time for granted! If anyone relates give a message!

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30 Jan, 2020
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