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By VelmaGoggles

as the wind blew through the cracks of the long winding building it blew all my thoughts away,all but one -the smog. Air so thick it feels like inhaling black treacle; father wanted me to go and visit him at nine the begging of the smog, i remember years back looking through the papers and stroking the pictures of the dead ones all torn apart by the ripper. I unpacked my suitcase placing it on the rotting window ledge,wiping cobwebs and thick layers of dust away. The red drapes long and never ending were festing with mould. i looked through my belonging wiping the clothes away from a picture of mother i never remembered this photo , it was at the farm in front of the withering crops i smiled but still was regardless of the picture. i ran down the long winding staircase to ask kiyoko , whom was rocking the cot back and fourth absent of any words.the now empty cot. Is she in your bed? she looked up then back down , "it was there and then-' her tears enabled her to speak anymore. opening the curtains i heard the drip of her tears drip onto the mirror. Thats what puzzled us all the way her tears went directly in front of her. i saw smog thick as ever and could hardly make out a figure runaway i snatched my coat from the peg and told kiyoko to watch the house taking Keiko with me cradling her in my long arms. I must have ran for hours my eyes shut arms cradled. i heard Keiko cough but ignored them knowing what i was going to see next would be worse. i tripped on a small object i turned back.even then through the thick unbearable air i could see her lifeless blue eyes even through the thick smog i could see my heart breaking. i saw her body laying there lifeless her ribs sticking out one side her lung fully visible on the other. I lay her sister next to her they're eyes looked the same blue but lifeless it may have been the pain of it all it may have been my mothers jeans whatever the reason was though it was ugly what happens after i tell you before that. I stood my back to them facing the moon as if it would whisper to me its secrets i stood there for weeks i was oblivious to where i was scared lonely hungry. I couldn't remember all that much of what happened next all i could remember was that image of a physco maniac their face coverd i blood and flesh tears dripping from there eyes, as red as the blood that dripped off their chin their pupils as black as the smog from that night. That girl was me , now i sit on the bed in the mental ward i rock back and fourth with the hand of a skeleton in mine-my mothers hand,and every time i look in a mirror i see myself 15 years ago blood and flesh on my face but the tears not there but they are always here on my face 15 years later....
Thank-you if you have read this aswell i have never had many tough times but to everone who has a tough time at home school or elsewhere just make sure you havesomone or somthing to run to,and rember to smile :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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28 Nov, 2011
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2 mins
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