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A Reflection of a Shadow

A Reflection of a Shadow

By KeithLankford

Just a shadow of a reflection

She was a stranger
In danger of loving me
I looked in the mirror
What couldn’t this women see
Eyes staring back
It just can’t be
Broken and crooked
Hanging around endlessly

I wasnt looking
For a project
When I looked at her
Should I try to stop it
It was all a blur
Should I try to fix it
I’m not a carpenter
Wipe that grin
From your face I thought as I turned

I was faded, I was jaded
Just a reflection you see
Of the man you understand
That I used to be
I was hollow hard to swallow
Little really clear
Oh please do not follow
You might find your way here

She was stubborn she was cold
She was thick as a brick
She was now with me
She was now my chick
The danger now past
As if by magic
I found in the present
My future side trick

She was moving she was grooving
She was looking real good
Until I saw her reflection
Run quickly you would
Just a reflection of the world
Staring not back at me
A shadow from the past
Coming at last you see

I made my way to the door
As I headed to the park
Where I met this lady
Who followed a broken heart
Old man wandering lonely
You see it’s just me
My life a broken record
Spinning endlessly

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About The Author
About This Story
19 Nov, 2021
Read Time
1 min
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