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Reflections (Part II)
Reflections (Part II)

Reflections (Part II)

MistyJJPAmber Jones

Everything was fragmented. Broken and reflected. All Mandy could see were different images shattered and pieced back together.
Her vision was lined in red and she couldn't seem to focus. A symphony of voices seemed to bombard her from every direction, just as broken as the images around her.
“Someone has…”
“What have I told you?...”
“Getting dark…”
Among the shattered voices the same words were repeated over and over,
“I have to get out of here.”
Recognition clicked in Mandy's mind. Ryan.
Mandy closed her eyes and felt blindly around the empty space until her hand made contact with something cold and slightly damp. When she opened her eyes a pair of green eyes starred back at her. She hitched a breath.
Her own face was reflected only she appeared to be worried, her eyes wide and face drawn in fear. The reflection was urgently pointing behind Mandy mouthing the same warning repeatedly,
“Run. Mandy run!”
But when Mandy looked behind her all she could see was a shattered scene of color. Unrecognizable and seemingly harmless.
The fear was still in her reflections eyes though, glinting in a way that caused icy tendrils of fear to climb up Mandy's threat. Something was wrong.
The red outlining her vision was beginning to darken. Like a fiery sunset falling into inky blackness. A chill fell over Mandy as she stood there unsure of what to do.
It came sudden and unexpected, the shadows. Among the growing darkness of her vision hands reached for her. Grasping at the air between them.
Despite the way her fear kept her frozen in spot, she kept her gaze coolly on her reflection. Suffocating darkness closed in on her in a blanket of cold fear. Mandy shivered.
She could see them, the hands, clawing at the chilling air around her. Misshapen and grotesque they were grew closer.
Her reflection was reaching a hand towards her now. She was yelling, but Mandy couldn't make out her words. Her breathing was ragged and she felt faint.
Mandy pathetically reached a hand towards her reflection as she collapsed, hitting her knees hands. The figures and their horrifying hands were close enough to touch now.
Mandy watched through unfocused eyes as her reflection clasped her hand and she was ripped forward.
A gasp escaped her lips as she was enveloped in ice water. She couldn't move, shock was her only response. She slammed her eyes close, gritting her teeth against the bitter feeling of the cold.
Mandy's ears were ringing, but among the chaos and shock a whisper warmly caressed her conscience, although it leaked with a urgency saturated in fear.
“I need out of here.”
And she fell. A mass of black and biting cold sinking into every crevice of her mind.

Mandy awoke with a gasp, cold sweat trailing down her temple. She sat up quickly, searching her surroundings. As usual nothing was there, her breathing slowed and her fear subsided.
She had these dreams every night, a repetition of fear and panic that took over whenever she closed her eyes.
The hands. The darkness. The reflections. Ryan's voice. The fear. All of it came crashing down on Mandy like a wave threatening to drown her every night.
Her thoughts strayed over the fading memory of her dream, coming back to one thing. Ryan.
Mandy had seen no sign of him since their confrontation in the bathroom and Mandy was beginning to wonder if she was going crazy after all

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About The Author
Amber Jones
About This Story
26 Jun, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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