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Reflections (Part III)
Reflections (Part III)

Reflections (Part III)

MistyJJPAmber Jones

Mandy grimaced as she shouldered a backpack, keeping her eyes on her feet as she quickly pushed passed people.

She rushed to board the subway as the seconds passed by, her breathing coming fast. Grey cement blurred beneath her as she broke into a run.

Mandy could see people getting on now, she just needed to get there.

Someone bumped into her, jerking her shoulder sharply back. Shots of pain stabbed through her arm, she grimaced, trying to gather her composure.

When she looked up from her feet a slender well dressed man towered over her. His skin was pasty white, his lips drawn thin, his dark hair slicked back.

“Sorry sir.” Mandy acknowledged glancing at the train,

“Excuse me ma'am. Would you happen to know a young man by the name of Ryan Monroe?”

“No. I don't believe I do.” She forced her thoughts away from the man in the mirror as she said this,

The man narrowed his eyes, suspicion glinting across them. “Are you certain?”

Mandy swallowed, “Yes.” She watched as the crowd around the subway began to thin, “Sir, I would be glad to help you, but I really do have to go. I hope you find this young man you're looking for.”

“Where is he?” His tone was a chilling note of seriousness now,

“I don't know what you're talking about, but I hope you can find him.”

“Oh, I think you do.” The mans lips curved into a wicked smile revealing pointed teeth,

“I'm sorry, I think you've confused me with someone else.” Mandy offered forcing herself to swallow the panic.

“I'm very resourceful. Tell me or I'll make you.” The man threatened, his face glitching, becoming more skeletal and white.

Mandy glanced around at the crowd of people moving about. How were they not seeing this?

She took a step back, “I don't know who you are or how you know about Ryan, but I can't help you. I haven't even seen him for several weeks, he just vanished and I haven't seen him since. So if you'll excuse me, I really have to go.” Mandy was unsure why she was insisting on responding to this man, but the words slipped out as easily as water travels down stream.

She found herself fearfully captivated by this man’s features. No. Creature was a better word. He was almost animalistic, abnormally tall, skeletal, his face thin and pasty as if all the color had been drained from his very being. And his hands. She shivered.

His hands were narrled, misshapen as if all the bones in them had been shattered and cruelly twisted in a repetition of absolute torture, his skin stretched tight over elongated fingers well beyond its limit.

Although panic overwhelmed Mandy she couldn't bring herself to run. The creature grinned, “Oh, yes. Yes. I think you'll be quite helpful indeed.”

Mandy's heart thrummed threatening to burst from her chest as she quickened her steps backwards, “No sir, please…”

It was too late, he struck like a snake. Coiling before striking. He ruffley grabbed her arms, making her gasp as a cold that was almost painful washed over her. It dug into her arms, saturating her entire body and with it came the shadows.

Somehow familiar as they sank into her mind, falling like a thick fog over her conscience. And she fell into it, the image of the cruel creature standing over her in the subway station blending into one scene of chilling black

Author Notes: Have you ever started writing a story and then realized it doesn't make any sense at all?...yup. That's how I feel right now. Any suggestions on how the rest of the story should go?
Thanks for reading guys!

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About The Author
Amber Jones
About This Story
6 Aug, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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