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Reflections(Part I)
Reflections(Part I)

Reflections(Part I)

MistyJJPAmber Jones
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A soft wind gently caressed Mandy’s olive skin, playing with the loose strands of her brown hair. She hugged herself as she briskly walked down the empty street, her hoody casting shadows across her sharp features.

Shadows seemed to jump out at her, so she kept her gaze on her worn tennis shoes. Her emerald green eyes glinted under the street lights, playing the different shades in the eerie luminescence.

It was still softly raining, the drops of glistening water hitting her hoodie and slipping to the cold, grey cement. Droplets slowly gathered into small puddles that reflected the bleak world around Mandy.

She stopped to examine her reflection watching as the wind disturbedthe body of water, sending ripples across her features. The night sky behind her was merely a canvas of black that was interrupted only by the eerie luminescence of an overhanging street lamp. A strange painting of black and yellow that swirled together to depict a feeling of dreariness.

Suddenly a streak of color passed over her reflection jerking Mandy’s gaze to scrutinize the shadows around her. Greys and blacks blurred together in the scene of night, uninterrupted by any color. Sighing, Mandy shook her head, deciding that she must’ve imagined the reflection.

Turning her gaze to the series of grey-bricked buildings that seemed to reflect the rest of the world, she stepped into her apartment.

Mandy sighed collapsing into the couch, resorting to switching on the television. Noise and light split through the thick combination of shadows and silence that coated her apartment. Chasing away the bleak feeling of dreariness that Mandy had dragged through the door.

Mandy felt heavy as she tried to focus on the blur of colorful faces that danced across the screen exchanging heated and intricate words. Her eyes dragged from one thing to the next, everything vying for her attention all at once.

The light in her living room glared across the television screen and was suddenly interrupted as if someone had walked in front of the light source.

Mandy glanced over her living room to find nothing. But the tickle of hair standing on end, the feeling of being watched was still there. And it had followed her through the door.

Groaning she rubbed her eyes. It had been a long day and Mandy had probably stretched herself beyond her limits.
That was it. She was tired. Just tired. That would explain what she merely thought she was seeing.


Mandy offered a yawn as she ran warm water over her face, drying her face with a red and white striped towel she stopped to scrutinize her appearance in the mirror. Her heart stopped in her throat, choking any words that attempted to crawl from it. In the light that played across the glass stood a figure. No. A man.

His jaw was firm and square, setting shape for his chiseled lips and ruff features. His eyes were an icy blue that sent paralyzing chills down Mandy’s spine. Black hair fell lazily over his eyes, only serving to further enchant her.

She tried to turn and see if he was behind her, but her muscles refused to listen. There was something about his appearance. His reflection. Her own reflection showing a mess of shock and bed hair.

“No, I’m not behind you.” The words seemed to drift lazily towards her.

Miraculously Mandy managed to form words, “Then where are you?”

He offered a sad smile, “A place called the mirror realm.”

“The mirror-what? Who are you?” Mandy asked incredulously.

“Ryan.” His silky voice carressed and warmed her thoughts.

“Ryan?” She smirked, “Kind of an ordinary name for someone not so ordinary.”

Ryan chuckled, “I’m much like you I suppose. The question is, are you ordinary Mandy?”

Mandy considered this, “I suppose everyone is to a point.”

Her smile fell as his words sank in though, “Wait. How do you know my name?”

His own expression collapsed, “I’ve been listening.”

“Listening.” Concern crawled across Mandy’s features.

“Sound is reflected in the same was light is where I am. Your voice was abnormally loud.” Ryan rushed to explain,
Mandy nodded, turning his words over in her mind, “So this…”

She was interrupted by a high pitched whining sound that folded into a low growl. Mandy became alarmed as Ryan’s face became one of panic.

He placed a hand to the glass, “I have to get out of here.”

“How.” Mandy asked her voice rising in frustration.

“I don’t know.” The growling grew louder, accompanied by the sound of something breaking. Like glass shattering.

Ryan glanced behind him, his eyes growing wide. But what he was looking at was not visible to Mandy.

He glanced back at her, “I have to go.” He forced a smile, “I’ll be back.”

And with that Ryan’s reflection vanished from the mirror, replaced by the interior of Mandy’s bathroom.

Author Notes: Ok, here you go guys. I thought I would take a shot at writing a different kind of story from the normal.

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Amber Jones
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18 Jun, 2019
Read Time
4 mins
5.0 (1 review)

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