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By sophiemaxwell_xo

The controlling fear rose above my head once again, I hated this; I want to leave.

Hours and hours came by not a trace of a fimilar face or voice , nobody wanted me; nobody loved me.I hate live.

Doctors and nurses treating me like I'm sort of alien , proding me , asking if I'm okay every five minutes. No I am not , how do you expect me to feel fine. Prior 5 days when I was the most unable , emotional teen. Turns out paracetamol don't kill.

All I want is some one I knew to come around and see if I'm okay , it never happened. I'm alone but not in my mind . " you're fat , ugly " , that's all I hear every second of the day , the words have been ingraved into my mind.

The voices never stopped , maybe if I tried again it will all just go. Just maybe .

My opportunity came , I did it. I'm peaceful now . The words don't haunt me.I didn't take in to consideration the hurt and horror I have caused by ending it for me . Selfish . Just selfish . I regret it , I want my family, I need them and they need me .

It's too late "sorry ".

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7 May, 2018
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1 min
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