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Relaxing breaks

Relaxing breaks

By marinifernandez

Managing a company is so exhausting. So I decided to go on a break. Then I went to the nearby coffee shop across the street. Cars and vehicles passed by before my eyes. The noise that surrounds the city echoed in my ear but soon disappeared the moment I entered. The smell of freshly brewed hung in the air. The spoonful of blueberry cheesecake was absolutely mouth filling once it entered. The couch was ultimately comfortable. The room around me was surrounded by paintings across me. To my right lay the counter from which the blue berry cheesecake used to lie. To my left the city in which it’s noise was barricaded by a glass window. The soothing melody of classical records relaxed me. Such a long day I thought. Today’s paper lies on a wooden coffee table untouched. I began wondering about life without breaks. People all busy, rushing, tired, exhausted and away from this place. Chaos will be in the aid like a disease that everyone will have once it entered. I stepped away from the horrible thoughts that bothered me and allowed myself to relax.

The End. You may email me at: [email protected] I love to receive feedbacks. Thank you

Author: Marini Fernandez

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17 Feb, 2011
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