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By Sumeet1995

Its human nature to forgive but to forget is very hard but for me it was a piece of cake. All the memories came swarming back at me in a second. He’s holding me, our wedding, our first date, and how we meet. All that came back to me but he did not. I remember the day that he left me here. I was screaming and pulling for him. He had a look of good-bye. I was crying for him, for us, but as they pulled me away I saw something flicker in his eye, hope. He mouthed me the words “I’ll be waiting”. After that he never came back. He is still probably waiting for me. I quickly got out of bed and into my sweater and jeans. I ran out the door and into the elevator unnoticed. I waited with anticipation for the door to open. When it did, I ran out into the open and my mind went blank. Were will he be? Where do I go? How do I find him? At that moment a strong wind came blowing my hair in my face. I pulled the hair out of my face and there I saw him. I smiled and started to walk up to him when another woman did. She looked like a model, perfect in every angle and all you wanted to do was stare. At first I thought she came to give coffee and when she grabbed his hand and squeezed it I understood. He forgot about me but I never did. Until now I wait for him to return but he never did. I remember our past and history. All that love gone. He moved on and so should I, but who will marry a mental patient, no one probably someone crazy. I came alone into this world and will die alone, the only thing left are my memories and someone to remember them.

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3 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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