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Remembrance of My Dear Dog.
Remembrance of My Dear Dog.

Remembrance of My Dear Dog.

papin49Roberto Perez
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Remembrance Of My Dear Dog

Oh my God! – I just remember the time when visiting a friend of mine, I suddenly saw that tiny but nice and chubby puppy, that looking at my face and wiggling his tail said welcome to me – It was love at first sight.

Since that moment, I was sure that we would spend our life sharing together – Hunting for chickens, running around the river’s shores and he also loved chasing our neighbors’ cows, hens, and their children –That made people living in the same area hate him because he kept growing and they considered him like a problem or a tremendous risk for their children.

One day – he was eating at home. All of a sudden, he started chasing the motorcyclist away and day after day he kept doing the same mischievousness. But at the last time, he chased whatever he saw running or walking by my house, just for fun!.

That was the last part in his life because that day, there was a rush with the army and there were a lot of big trucks driving to the border in the Dominican Republic, and poor – nice and loved Camu didn’t know what was happening and he tried to find it out by himself, chasing a big army truck away full of military men – So he tried to bite the truck’s tire. But, instead, he was run over – It was a frightening experience for everyone living in that home who watched that scene.

After the accident, he could only move his two front legs – all his back-body area was smashed. People wanted me to kill him in order to end his suffering. But I said: no – His eyes were shining! He looked at me the same way he did It when I first met him, I knew what he was trying to say – he agreed with my decision. I was dead sure that I could heal and keep him alive. Even though, I was sure he was not going to be the same again.

It was pretty hard for me to keep him alive but I did it and we shared for about five more years of nice friendship at home – But, a friend of mine took advantages of a week of me being absent from home – He paid two guys to kill him and without any sorrow, they hanged him out and kept walking as if nothing had happened.

Since that day I hate them more than the truck's guys that ran over him.

Author Notes: A real friendship never ends – I'll remember you forever.

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Roberto Perez
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27 Jan, 2019
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2 mins
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