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Resale Flat
Resale Flat

Resale Flat



Avijit had just changed another company, fourth in three years of service!! Coming from a conservative Bengali family he completed his education from one of the premier university from Kolkata and joined one of the well known multinational creative companies and started a very decent beginning of his career. He married his college friend Mousumi within a year and settled in his family life. Mousumi was very supportive toward Avijit and perhaps one of the very few persons in the world who supported his out of box creative thinking even when entire family members were against his decision to join one of the start-up venture leaving his lucrative job.

The job change became one of the drastic bad decisions for Avijit in his career and he started to look for another change desperately since he had already became a father of a sweet baby girl, Shreya and his one wrong step could hamper her future. Somehow he got another job and changed it within a year and got another offer from another better company within few months and that’s why how he landed in northern part from western part of the country.

The current company was much more stable than earlier company and Avijit was also relaxed with his own creative world and spends a relaxed life after few years of extreme professional stress. Avijit’s parents and in-laws usually stayed with them alternately since Shreya was small and Mousumi also started her carrier in consultancy firm. The locality was very good and they were enough fortunate to get another Bengali family-Rinadi and her three years son.

Rinadi also belonged from Kolkata and stayed there for few years and well known to nearby locality very well. Since the first interaction with Rinadi in Children Park she became like a family member and use to come every evening at their flat and Shreya got an elder brother to play.

Rinadi’s husband previously worked in nearby areas and latter shifted to central part of the country. They bought a flat in this locality and Rinadi along with his son stay there and occasionally visit his husband in school holidays. Rinadi single handily managed everything from son’s education to daily needs very efficiently. Rinadi used to guide many places to Mousumi and Avijit but never visited along with them. Mousumi and her mother visited her flat once and surprisingly found very few furniture and daily need things in her flat.

Slowly year passed and Avijit thought of settling there and started looking to buy a resale flat in nearby colony. Rinadi used to come occasionally and had a very good relation with them over the year. Avijit was very fond of visiting spiritual temples and was planning to visit the Kedarnath temple next year. Rinadi said they visited the place earlier and still remember the tour beneath her heart.

Avijit’s life was moving as usual till one day one of the brokers came with a very good offer for a resale of a flat in the same locality and that’s too from a Bengali owner. Avijit, Mousumi and in-laws decided to visit the flat in next Sunday. Rinadi came as usual and spend a very good time with them. Surprisingly before leaving she touched Mousumi’s mother feet and informed that her husband would come tomorrow and she would be leaving with him for some time. That day Avijit’s family really felt very lonely and wished her good luck.

The next Sunday morning they visited the flat along with the broker and Mousumi and her mother found that it was the same Rinadi’s Flat!!! The owner of the flat greeted them with Bengali and made them comfortable. Mousumi asked about Rinadi and owner became shocked to hear his wife name.

He looked very puzzled and said “Two years back during our return from Kedarnath trip we met with an accident and I lost Rina and my only son………..”

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About This Story
10 Mar, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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