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rest in peace

rest in peace

By neverforgetme

"iguess this is it , as i right my last words i no longer have to suffer life's cruel tourment ..

dear mom ,

iwant you to know ialways loved you even though inever met you , mabe .. mabe someday i'll see you . you know at the place up in the sky . the place people call heaven , mabe i'll see you there . &

dear dad ,

istill love you regardless of what you did to me . as you all read this iwant you to remember me as though iwere still there , and to the rest of my family . idon't want you to cry when you read this , just remember all the good times we had . ican no longer stand life's everlasting pain , were your always the odd one out in the crowd . wishing for some kind of miracle to come but it never does . before ivanish from the cruel world ileave you the question i've always asked . w h y m e ? "

- my best friend wrote this . and you have no idea how much imiss him , he commited suicide . things weren't supposed to be this way but he chose it to . imean yes he had a horrible life but he could have hung in there because things won't always be this way . "it can't rain forever" . when people say there going to kill themselves it hurts me inside , they want to kill themselves because there life is shitty? idon't get it . ihave a shitty life too but i'm still here holding onto everything ihave .. rest in peace erick .

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28 Dec, 2010

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