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Revenge ...

Revenge ...

By mele9x9

I stood over his grave, two years later. I felt a discomfort wash over me as I read my brothers name on the marble stone. Smoothing out my skirt and placing the lilys down. It was cold and every now and again a sharp breeze swept by I felt my shoulders go tense. 'Beloved Dan rest in peace and may the angels take u to far above, heaven'. I didn't believe in that stuff even though I was christin. I rubbed my hands together trying to warm myself. I knew my brother was murdered not some illness shit I was told about. He deserved justice. He was only fourteen. Why do people not have mercy when it comes to kids? I secretly knew who it was or at least I think I did. Raiden. He was the master of the 'Radyiless boy's'. These people weren't boys... far from. They weren't even men. I always thought it was scaring from accidents but my father told me it was were Raiden's source of magic came from. I use to laugh at him and called him daft. I knew Raiden was capable of murder because I saw him kill my mother after he raped her. He told father she was stabbed outside a night club in meath. I didn't tell father because Raiden liked me and he wasn't the sort to be on your bad list. That's when I decided to teleport to his office. Part out of rage.
* -In his office-

I clenched my fists, my knuckles turning white. I stormed in but then decided to keep my cool after all he was to powerful and I was defencless. His deformed face stared up at me and I could feel my shoulders sag. 'Well you didn't knock Lucy so it must be important, please sit' he said. I shook my head breathing slowly. 'business or pleasure?' he smirked. I could feel my body flush. It then hit me .... befriend him. After all I was on his good side. 'I thought i'd take you up in that training job, I know you hate amurtures' I muttered. I hated training as much as he did in fact I didn't know anyone who enjoyed it. 'Oh' He replied. He nodded, smiling brightly. 'Then do join me for coffee' he said. I bit my lip agreeing. 'Very mortal like of you' I said smiling hardly able to keep the hiss out of my voice. He nodded. 'Ireland, training starts in five' he sighed. I left his office smirking. He had no idea what was coming.

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About This Story
4 Mar, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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