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With revenge on our minds we quietly surrounded the house. It was almost midnight, being older neighbors they were surly asleep by now.

The excitement had grown as we moved through the darkness together ironing out each step of our plan before we got there. Strategically placing ourselves around their small house so the noise would surround them.

It was dark with the exception of a few porch lights scattered up and down the small town street. Chirping crickets made their own music in the silence of night. As if they were in competition with the mosquitos buzzing around our ears in the hot humid air. There was no breeze, it was quiet, warm and still.

Black Cat firecrackers were our source of attack. We would get revenge with the very thing they seemed to hate. How clever we were, we said to each other. They had stopped us earlier from having our fun, by of all things, calling the police department on us. "What adult calls the police on children" we asked. We had vowed to each other that we'd get them back.

The signal to ignite was one simple whistle. As the three of us were finally in place and ready to light our pack of one hundred very loud firecrackers, two of us impatiently waited for that signal. Finally I heard it through the warm July air, a shaky nervous whistle with a touch of excitement in it. We each lit our large package of firecrackers up in somewhat of a panic. We had to hurry up & get out of sight. Who knew what they would do when they made it to their feet. To us they were children eating monsters and we were brave soldiers standing up for the rights of all children on the 4th of July!

The never-ending loud annoying sounds echoed through the neighborhood like an automatic weapon into a loud speaker going off for what seemed like an eternity. They had to have been awakened by our successful attack on their good nights sleep.

As we ran through the four backyards to get back home it was as if we were running from the meanest monster of our nightmares. As we got back to the window we had snuck out of the firecrackers were still going off! It was amazing! All of the anger we had toward those grouchy neighbors was gone. We had accomplished what we'd set out to do. We never told any of the grownups what we had done for many years. Each year after that we shot fireworks without a visit from the police or a peep out of those neighbors.

Author Notes: This short story was written without naming the characters on purpose. I have a longer version. I'm doing this from an iPhone so I hope it is formatted correctly. If not please let me know.

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1 Oct, 2016
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2 mins
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