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Ridding Myself of You
Ridding Myself of You

Ridding Myself of You


I downed all the sleeping pills I had left But I can't seem to dream without you. I know if I do I'll only dream about you, And all the reasons why you left. Food tastes like ash and silt I long for the taste of your lips. Oh, the monuments we could have built. A testament to the love spilled from your lips.Towers and spires scraping the sky, To rival the beauty of your lips.

I’ve scrubbed my body until my hands bled, But I can’t seem to erase your scent. I washed my sheets a thousand times, But I still feel you in every thread. I washed all my clothes and threw away our pictures, But your ghost hides beneath my bed. Even when the rain shakes the roof. I can hear nothing but the words you said. Every time you told me you loved me, It all spins inside my head.

I don't understand why I cannot rid myself of you, I don't understand why you left. I don't understand why we fell apart, Or why you left me bereft. It makes me hate myself for letting go For not knowing I would miss you. It just hurts too much to think about you, It breaks my heart to know. I would've given you everything. My heart, my love, a throne. We could’ve risen from our pasts. We could’ve built a home.

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2 Feb, 2020
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