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Right Age to Buy Mobile
Right Age to Buy Mobile

Right Age to Buy Mobile

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Right age to buy Mobile.

There is nothing more important than a smart phone in an teenagers life. Smartphone is the best way to show that you are ' socially active '. Every Indian parents make an agreement with their child to buy phone after getting good marks in exam. Usually the price of phone depends on the marks we get. Suppose if we get 70% in board exam, we may get an Jio phone or say “dabba”.
I got an smartphone in 11th standard and I started my “social” life. But the question is when you should buy mobile? or say what is the right age to buy mobile? Nowadays students get their own phone in eight standard. Why do eight standard students need mobile? Because they wants to look cool and smart or maybe to impress someone. And any parents can’t refuse their child’s demand. If he demanded an phone; most probably he may get it.
But the point is that, after getting an phone we can’t tell them how to use it, what to watch, what not to watch. Kids enjoy their private freedom and no-one can stop it. And overall there is no point in talking about disadvantages and bad effects of mobile phones.
As I told you, in this new era, the most important thing is mobile. Talking about kids and teenagers; they spend more time on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube than Wikipedia. So, where comes creativity? The kids are only listening and watching they are not doing anything. But how to stop it?
So, the solution is, if you are getting a phone to your kids, say them, “ Don’t be a content gainer; be a content maker”. Motivate them to create something. If they are watching YouTube then tell them to make an video on YouTube. If they are readers then tell them to write something. This will surely help them to be a great creator. I know a 13 y/o girl who is earning 1 lac per year due to her amazing videos. So, if you want your child to stop unnecessary usage of phone then tell them to make some good use of phone. And your kids will amaze you someday.
As per my little knowledge, no men can live without technology so it’s better to adopt it. Science and technology can change million lives only thing is how to use it.

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10 Feb, 2020
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